I’m an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Southern Mississippi.  I specialize in 19th-century American literature and media history, with broader interests in media studies, American studies, technology and culture, and digital pedagogy.  Other areas of interest include media theory, digital humanities, material culture, authorship, and realism (both “literary” and “speculative”).

This website contains links to my courses and published writings; information about talks and works-in-progress; and links to online tools and resources in American literature, media studies, and digital humanities.  You’ll also find bits and pieces of writing (short, informal, often experimental) that address topics related to my teaching and research.  I also like to write about digital tools that inform my methodology and practice.

My work focuses on connections between literature, technology, authorship, and modes of realism from the 19th century to the present.  I pursue these connections across a range of media and methods, using my teaching and research to consider how technologies affect our understanding of reality, culture, literature, authorship, and interpretation.

I’m currently working on a book that explores the relationship between writing and technology in the lives and literature of late 19th century realist authors such as Twain, Howells, Bierce, Dreiser, Gilman, and others.  The book proposes a new method of engaging authorship and realism in the context of 19th-century writing technologies and cultural techniques.

My work has appeared in journals such as American Literature, American Literary Realism, and The Hemingway Review.

For more information, please see my current curriculum vitae.  You can also contact me at craig.carey@usm.edu, or follow me on Twitter at @ccareylit.

For other random and cool stuff, check out my Tumblr site, Reality Effects.

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