The Digital Antiquarian

The following are slides to my recent talk at The Digital Antiquarian conference, hosted by the American Antiquarian Society.  It was an absolute pleasure participating with such an excellent gathering of librarians, archivists, book historians, digital humanists, and literary scholars.  My deepest thanks to Thomas Augst and Molly Hardy for such a provocative two days.

Markup Twain

The following are my slides for an invited guest lecture that I recently gave at the Newberry Library as part of the Newberry’s public lecture series.  In addition to the talk, I also had the opportunity to lead a session of the Fall 2014 Newberry Seminar: Research in the Humanities (“Knowledge and Technology: From Socrates to the Digital Age”), which is being co-taught by Bridget Draxler (Monmouth College) and Hannah Schell (Monmouth College).  My thanks to Bridget, Hannah, the Newberry staff, and the absolutely splendid group of students in the seminar.  The highlight of my visit was the chance to meet individually with students and learn about their diverse and exciting research projects.

C19 Literature in the High School Classroom

The following are slides to a guest lecture that I delivered on teaching 19th-Century American Literature in the high school classroom.  Thanks to Dr. Kate Cochran for the invite, and to her wonderful group of students in English 402: Literature Study for Teachers.  I enjoyed talking about the intersection of American literature, digital media, and recent methodological debates in the field of literary studies.