I am familiar with people with Autism and people with disabilities. Autism is a disability that portrays different symptoms for different people. During my time I plan to propose and research what all symptoms that you can have when you have Autism. I also plan to propose way symptoms vary for different people.

For my research, I plan to use sources such as: Google Scholar, WebMD, and the University of Southern Mississippi library. I found many different sources on each site. WebMD is a source that had many different options of sources such as: a parenting website and article about raising kids with Autism, a website/article explaining the different symptoms and signs that a person with Autism can have, a website/article explaining many different therapies that individuals with Autism can participate in, etc.



During my research, I plan to use many secondary sources such as newspaper articles about people with Autism, articles about symptoms for individuals with autism, and interview with parents that have children with autism. The key terms that I plan to focus on are words such as: Autism Symptoms, Language delays, diagnosis, Autism Speaks, and Autism Development. My main key term I plan to focus on is ‘”Autism symptoms”.

I plan on furthering my research a lot by digging deeper into the USM library, Google Scholar, and WebMD. These sources give me great insight about the symptoms, delays, and diagnosis for individuals with Autism.

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