Yesterday, the class watched Cold Storage. I did not think I would find much interest in the video until it started. Cold Storage is about a library near Harvard University that holds millions of items. The items include books, CD-ROMs, DVDs and other sorts of data. The materials are housed in a building that maintains a very low temperature. I suppose that must be where the title, “Cold Storage,” comes from.

As the video progressed, I was impressed with the vast amount of space the library occupied. It was very clear that this library was not just an ordinary library because it represented the ultimate human record of mostly all items that have been produced. I find it fascinating that Charles Elliot sparked the idea of such a library in 1986. After all, the human record attains more than just a few forms of information collected over the years. There are 9 million items and counting that reside in this library.

With low temperatures, calm and collective environment, the workers contribute to the cold atmosphere. The workers work hours on end in silence as they finish their particular task(s). I can only imagine the effort and work put into maintaining the building as well as preserving all of the items it holds.