Starting off this project, I was pretty much lost. I had no idea how this project would end up in the long run or how the process would even happen. Of course, I knew my first step would involve taking a trip to the archive and just looking at the folders in which I had chosen to review.

From there, our group got together and started talking about ways that we would present our findings to the class. I honestly had no clue except for the fact that we would have to write a paper of some sort. After discussing with the group, we decided we were going to present the pictures in a power point and describe each picture.

But how were we going to organize the material in a sense that would be easy to follow? After this past Monday, my group and I made a layout as to how we would go about presenting the information and in what order we would do so. First, we plan on describing the journals and diaries we found and then we would dive into speaking of the books and articles H.A. Rey pasted in his diary. This will represent his inspiration. Georgie will then speak of her findings in which describes his work towards one of his first books as his work in progress. Finally, Mia will speak of the transactions he recorded in his journal entries.

Overall, I was a bit uneasy at the beginning of this assignment. After having several class and group discussions, I am becoming more at ease with the project. I hope the flow can continue flowing!