We viewed a video about Fair Use regarding the Copyright laws in the United States. The video humorously engaged many clips from various Disney films in order to educate the public about this part the law.  They demonstrate how Fair Use allows the public to utilize small pieces of information that is protected by Copyright without getting into a legal situation.  The video itself is an example of Fair Use and makes a perfect visual representation of the information which it provides.
I found the video very interesting and informative. I did not expect the video to be as captivating as it was, but the use of Disney’s animated movies appealed to me greatly. Disney is such well known company that their movie franchises are instantly recognizable. The maker of this short video did well to incorporate such characters.  the little mermaidThe information in this video was very helpful for people who do not fully understand the concept behind Fair Use. I can now understand better how Youtube videos (because I watch Youtube more than TV) can get away with some things and how others cannot.


I will highly recommend this video for anyone seeking to better understand Fair Use or Copyright in general.  Education purposes aside, it’s a very funny video and is worth the time to watch.