Coding and web design both always seemed like advanced forms of computer science that I would never need to learn. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how much the online world has affected the real one. Not only do most people communicate using the Internet, but almost everyone has a phone that is in reality a small computer in their pocket. After reflecting on this, I believe that a basic understanding and learning of coding and web design is important in the modern age.

Besides the fact that everyone stays in touch on the web, people create entire lives on the web that are important to whom they are. Many jobs look for professionalism which can be expressed simply by having your own personal web site. I believe an employer would be more likely to hire someone if they had a web site because it not only shows that they have knowledge of the web but it can also show references and credentials in a more organized manner.

Coding may seem like an extreme skill that is unnecessary, but a basic understanding can help educate a person to knowing more about their everyday devices. While it may be unimportant to know the ins-and-outs of a toaster, a computer is more important to know the workings of because of how much influence it has on your life. If typing and basic programs are learned, I think coding is not far from the realm of plausible subjects.

Overall, I see the importance of these tools. The world has grown into one of computers and machines, and the everyday person is affected by it whether they know it or not.

Note: I had difficulty taking a picture of my screen, so the one included was taken on my phone. I apologize for the poor quality, but I wanted to include my final work on the web design project from class.