One of the most thought provoking scenes in Feed lies in Titus sees no Art within the picture of a boat on the sea. Many see this scene as his inability to recognize Art because of his over exposure to the Feed. Others believe that he longs for a purpose to the picture in order to appreciate it. For me, I believe the answer lies in the latter interpretation. Titus is able to recognize something artistic, but his struggle in enjoying the boat picture is that he wonders why it was made. In that analysis, we understand how far Titus has become detached from the world.

When Titus sees the picture, he sees nothing happening. The boat is not in a storm or on a journey; it simply exists on an ocean for the viewer to see. He wonders what the point is. With classic paintings, you are able to see a message conveyed in the picture that the artist wishes to explain to you through their medium of Art, but Titus doesn’t get this sensation with the boat picture. We then begin wondering the same thing as Titus, “Why painting this plain picture of a boat?” The answer is simple, because we like it.

Although classic paintings can also be this, the boat picture is work by someone who enjoys making pictures. They are not trying to convey a specific emotion or story; they merely wish to create a picture of a boat and nothing more. The reason this scene is significant is because it shows that Titus can no longer recognize someone doing something for them. The Feed is about community and connecting everyone together; every action serves a greater purpose to the Feed. However, this picture is personal. It is meant to satisfy one person, the artist. That level of personal approval is strange to Titus which makes this scene important to his character growth.