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Autism Speaks

I am familiar with people with Autism and people with disabilities. Autism is a disability that portrays different symptoms for different people. During my time I plan to propose and research what all symptoms that you can have when you have Autism. I also plan to propose way symptoms vary for different people.

For my research, I plan to use sources such as: Google Scholar, WebMD, and the University of Southern Mississippi library. I found many different sources on each site. WebMD is a source that had many different options of sources such as: a parenting website and article about raising kids with Autism, a website/article explaining the different symptoms and signs that a person with Autism can have, a website/article explaining many different therapies that individuals with Autism can participate in, etc.

During my research, I plan to use many secondary sources such as newspaper articles about people with Autism, articles about symptoms for individuals with autism, and interview with parents that have children with autism. The key terms that I plan to focus on are words such as: Autism Symptoms, Language delays, diagnosis, Autism Speaks, and Autism Development. My main key term I plan to focus on is ‘”Autism symptoms”.

I plan on furthering my research a lot by digging deeper into the USM library, Google Scholar, and WebMD. These sources give me great insight about the symptoms, delays, and diagnosis for individuals with Autism.

autism speaks

Think Autism!

I have written a few research papers through high school and college. It comes to my attention that every research paper that I have written I have written on some form of a disability and the awareness of it. People with disabilities interest me so much. People with disabilities is the main reason I have always wanted to be a Special Education teacher. I have focused on many different disabilities and learning disabilities, and I have studied them many times. As I go to college, I am now learning more on student with Autism. Autism is a mental condition with a difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. People with Autism sees the world in a different way than people that does not have Autism. They are their own person with there own way or acting and learning.

Throughout my research I plan to research and focus on the symptoms of Autism. I plan to research why every child with Autism is different, and why their symptoms vary for every child. My mother is a Special Education teacher and through my life I have been with many people that have Autism, and I do not believe I have ever met one that acts the same. They all have the same ways of why they do things, but they all vary. This interest me so much and I cannot wait to focus more on it through my research.

autism picture

Frozen Reflection

On February 4, 1938, the first ever full-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was released for the first time in history. People around the world waited patiently from the work of Walt Disney and the Disney animators. When the film was released in theatres in December of 1937, Walt Disney did not disappoint his audience. The viewers of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were stunned at the story in the movie and by the illustration in the film. In the film, the animators truly made the illustration pop during the animation, and that amazed the viewers. This movie was something that the world had never seen before.
When the movie was released in December of 1937, Walt Disney was so anxious about the work that they had put into the movie. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs was the movie that made history. The movie that Disney’s career depended on. Disney did not want to be a failure once the movie came out into theatres. When the movie came out, the viewers were not the only ones stunned at the work and the beauty of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Walt Disney was amazed, and from the time he saw Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs he realized that his career had just sparked. Walt Disney realized that he was going to have to top Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs from now on. Since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released Disney has made over 100 films, and 54 of them were Full-length animated films.
Walt Disney would have never thought that his movies would be the biggest impact on children’s lives, especially, little girls’ lives. From the time I was a little girl, Disney princesses have always been a thing that I new all about. The Disney princesses were idols that little girls always looked up too, and Disney kept on surprising us all with all new Disney princesses.
In 2013, the Disney animators topped all Disney princesses ever. They created Disney’s first ice princess that becomes queen, Elsa, and her princess sister, Anna. Disney’s Frozen is by far the best selling Disney movie ever, and this movie has topped the rest of all of the other movies. My question is how? In Walt Disney’s production, Frozen, a young princess can not contain her ice powers. Through the years Elsa has to learn how to control her powers and has to be taught. When Elsa was young and could not control her powers she hurt Anna accidentally by her powers. From then on they had kept Elsa hid from Anna so Anna could be safe, and for Elsa to learn how to control her powers.
Years went on with Elsa learning how to control her powers; years went on when Elsa did not talk to Anna. Through these years the kingdom and the palace had changed. Between the passing of the king and queen of the kingdom and Elsa that had been locked up due to her powers, Anna and the rest of the kingdom did not know how to act. When Princess Elsa had become of age to become Queen of the kingdom this was the first time she got to open up to Anna and as well as the kingdom. Through all of this she was still trying to hold back just in case she could not contain her powers through it all. In the end, after she had become Queen Elsa, she became very upset and lost it. This was the first time that the kingdom and Anna had seen her powers. This was the first time that everyone realized why she had been locked in the castle and had not been seen for years. However, Anna still did not understand why Elsa would keep this entire secret from her, and why Elsa never let her into her life. After the party, Queen Elsa was so upset and without her knowing she froze the whole entire kingdom up and ran off. Here is where you first encounter the famous snowman, Olaf.
My questions still remain. What made this movie so popular, and why is it still as big today two years after the release of it? Why has this movie made so much money? Why did the songs in this movie get so big? The story that was in the movie, Frozen, is not that much different as any other Walt Disney movie, so was it something to do with the story that made the movie such a phenomenon? I believe that the fact that this is the first Disney movie that had not only one princess but also two princesses, captured little girls attention more. This film was the first Walt Disney production that did not have a “Prince Charming” saving the day. I believe that this movie help little girls feel like they could accomplish anything just because they watched Princess Anna save Queen Elsa. This movie was all about love, and I believe that made people love it more.
I believe that this movie had some of the catchiest theme songs of all of the other Disney films, but I am still confused on why the songs are still a big hit today. Frozen’s hit song “Let It Go” even got a Tony Award for being such a good song. It does not matter if you have watched the movie or not, there is no way that you have never heard of the song “Let It Go”. The fact that the songs are so big and the movie has taken over everywhere made me very interested by this particular topic. It made me start wondering about how the Disney animators are going to top this production. What is the next Walt Disney Animated film going to be about, and how will the Disney animators top Frozen. How many years will Frozen still act like it has just been released? How many years will the next film to top Frozen be released? I believe that Disney Production has their work cut out for them. I personally believe that the next film that will top Frozen will not be anytime soon because people still love Frozen, and are still obsessed with the film.

The love of Cecily G

Visiting the Archive here at the University of Southern Mississippi for H.A and Margret Rey was very fun. I personally learned so much about them, and about their passion for children literature. I loved learning how much the Rey’s went through just to write 6 books. The Rey’s had a passion, and they never gave up what they wanted to do. My personal favorite drawing from H.A. and Margret Rey digital collection and the archive is the one with Cecily G and the 9 monkeys. It is amazing to learn how the Rey’s started with a story of a giraffe and 9 monkeys all to make 6 books on Curious George.

giraffe-GeorgeH.A. Rey’s drawing and story telling is amazing in this one picture. How a monkey wanted more attention than the rest of the 8 monkeys, and never gave up. Even if it took George to go above the clouds, he wanted the most attention over the rest of the monkeys.

I personally loved the drawing and the detail in this drawing. You can really tell how  much of a passion that H.A. Rey had in this picture, because it is so detailed. H.A. Rey’s illustrations are amazing because they can tell a story just by you looking at them.

The First Ice Princess

On February 4, 1938, The first ever animated movie was released in theaters. Walt Disney and the Disney animators worked tiredlessly on making the best first full length animated film, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.  Once the movie was released in December of 1937, the audience and viewers were stunned at the work that was paid off in this film. Topping a total of $8 million dollars raised, Snow White was the biggest movie at its time. Which is very surprising on how much it made beings that it was during the time of the Great Depression, but Walt Disney had a dream.

snow white

Since the movie was officially released in 1938, Walt Disney has fulfilled his dream and has made more than a 100 movies; 54 of the movies being animated full length films.

In 1989, Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” was released, and it was the first movie to ever top Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. Ariel, in the movie, was the Disney’s first mermaid princess that uses the sea witches’ powers in order to meet a human. In the end of the movie, The Little Mermaid was an amazing love story that told the story of Ariel falling in love with the Prince and living “Happily Ever After”.  The little mermaid was the first ever Disney movie to have most of the animation under water, but to also have mermaids, a sea witch, and Prince Eric. This movie had little girls in awe; I remember because I was one of those little girls.

the little mermaid

Today we are dealing with something bigger, FROZEN.

In 2013, Disney released its first animation film that was about an Ice Princess. This was the first movie since 1989 to be as big as The Little Mermaid. Disney’s first ice princess topped Disney’s first mermaid princess, and it took almost 25 years to do that.

This topic interest me because I use to be one of those little girls that was in awe about The Little Mermaid. Now that Frozen has come out, all of the little girls are in awe just like my generation was at one time. Frozen has taken over! It does NOT matter if you have watched the movie or not, because there is no way you do not know the songs. When the movie was once released, the hit song ” Let it Go” hit the top 10 in the charts, and the voice of Elsa, Idina Menzel, received a Tony Award from it. This was interesting because this shows that no disney movie has ever been as big as Frozen. After two years of being released, Frozen is still just as big; Just like the movie came out yesterday.


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