For this assignment, every group will be responsible for pitching, designing, curating, and writing a small exhibit on their respective section of the H.A. & Margaret Rey papers. The exhibit can be arranged in a number of different ways, but it must feature images from the collection that are organized and presented through significant sections of writing. The writing component might be descriptive, narrative-driven, analytical, biographical, cultural, historical, or some combination of these genres. There will be plenty of time to discuss with your group – and me – how to best outline your exhibit and feature the collection.

To make things easier, I have divided the project into a series of tasks and deadlines, each with a due date. We will dedicate significant class time on the latter portions of the project, especially after you’ve started to gather some images from the collection.

October 5 – Discuss the finding aid with your group

  • Come to class on October 5 with the portion of the finding aid that I will email to you. During this class, you’ll have time to discuss the finding aid and create a game plan for how best to look at the items.

October 21 – Deadline for visiting special collections

  • By this date, every member of your group should have visited the collection, taken notes on their findings, and taken at least five photographs of different items.
    • It is imperative that you take detailed notes of what you find so that you can reference them during your group discussions. For every picture that you take, you also need to remember to write down the Box, Folder, and a description of the item so that we can use this later for reference purposes.
  • We will dedicate class time on the 21st to working in groups, sharing your items and discoveries, and brainstorming ideas about how to feature them in an exhibit.

October 28 – Written Pitch and Proposal of Exhibit Due

  • On this date, your group will email me a written proposal for your exhibit that provides a basic outline of what it will look like, what it will feature, what kind of writing it will contain, etc. The proposal should be written collaboratively and be roughly 300-400 words.

November 09 – Revised Proposals Due

  • By this date, you will submit a general outline of what the exhibit will look like – what items it will feature, what sections of writing it will contain, and how everything will be organized.

November 18 – Drafts of Written Sections Due

  • By this date, you should have completed drafts of the written sections of the exhibit. Not only will I look at the drafts, but you will also have time to workshop them in class.

November 23 – Final Writing, Arrangements, and Presentations Due

  • By this date, you have finalized the exhibit and completed the necessary writing, organization, and arrangement of its various parts.
  • In addition to handing in a digital document that features the images, the writing, and an outline of their organization, each group will pitch and present their exhibit to the rest of the class. This will involve making slides of the images and reading portions of your writing.