For more details and deadlines related to this assignment, see the Research Project Deadlines.

In your culminating assignment for the semester, you will write, design, and produce a Multimodal Research Project on a topic of your choosing. At different points throughout the term, you will also complete a brief proposal, an annotated bibliography, and a short letter to Professor Carey that explains why you made the choices you made in your design and form of the project. While the topic is relatively open, I encourage you to pursue topics related to the influence of digital technology on different fields. The form of the project is also open, but it must include a visual and textual element (which means that it must have a deliberate design and format, plus words).

I suggest that you start tracking and storing ideas, notes, images, links, sources, objects, and arguments that you might incorporate into your final project. As we’ll discuss in Week 2, you should find a way to archive your digital trail as you work on the project. Try using Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, SimpleNote, or some other software application that can help you store and organize a working archive. Topics should be chosen and approved by Week 8 (10/05).