Students are expected to come to class prepared and on time, ready to actively participate in all class activities and discussions.  I expect every student to contribute to the overall quality of discussions and activities, which means you should come to class having thought about the readings, having completed your assignments, and ready to offer your reflections, comments, and questions.  The quality of your participation is as important as its quantity. Any short homework assignments or in-class exercises that I assign will be counted as part of your participation grade.

I should also note that preparation for this class involves more than just reading the texts. You should plan to record notes and questions in a physical or online notebook, something you can reference in class and use as the starting point for blog posts, discussions, or writing assignments. Part of engaging the course includes digesting and synthesizing its various threads, taking note of ideas, posts, quotes, comments, images, articles, or anything else that catches your attention. Think of your notebook as your own idiosyncratic archive for the course, a place where you can collect and curate data for use in the composition of your writing.

Half way through the course, I’ll ask you to complete a Participation Audit in which you take account of your participation over the first half of the semester.