October 12 – Deadline for Pitch of Research Topic

  • By this date, you need to post a blog to the website that includes the following information:
    • Statement of your specific topic
    • Series of questions about the topic (focus on how and why questions)
    • And a short paragraph in which you answer the following three points:
      • What you are writing about – I am working on the topic of…
      • What you don’t know about it – Because I want to find out…
      • Why you want your reader to know and care about it – in order to help my reader understand better…

October 14 – Deadline for Outline of Sources

  • By this date, you need to post a blog to the website that includes the following information:
    • A description of the kind of primary, secondary, and tertiary sources you plan to locate, research, and consult for your project
    • A list of guides, books, resources, or databases where you plan to locate your sources
    • A description of how you plan to research your topic using these tools (what key terms, phrases will you search; how you will break it down, etc.)

October 19 – Deadline for Proposal to Research Project

  • By this date, you will turn in a written proposal of your research project that follows the general outline included on page 90-91 of Writer/Designer.
    • The proposal should be written and structured as a formal letter addressed to Professor Carey. In the proposal, you should describe the scope of your project in terms of form and content.
    • In addition to previewing your project, the proposal should also include a project plan, a justification, and basic timeline toward completion.

November 11 – Deadline for Annotated Bibliography

  • By this date, you will provide a bibliography of sources relevant to your research project. At least three of those sources must be annotated with a brief entry of 250-300 words in which you summarize, synthesize, and contextualize the source, explaining how it relates to your topic and argument. The other sources can just be listed in proper MLA format. Put the three annotated sources first, and then include the other sources at the end of your annotations.
  • More details about this assignment can be found on the Annotated Bibliography page.

More deadlines coming