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The Real World

I was thinking of doing my research proposal on something that in my opinion has gone too far. Reality television. It seems as if that is all that I see on my television. I am not even sure why it is even considered to be called reality shows. When in reality those people would not be acting the way they would really act if those cameras were not around. I am really not a big fan of reality television, but that is all that seems to come on now. The very first reality television series that I can think of is “The Real World”. That was the only reality television show that was out years ago. As the years progressed more and more reality television shows are coming to surface. The first show that came out that had something to do with winning a date is I think “The Flavor of Love”. That is the first dating reality show that girls had to be embarrass themselves to be with someone. Now people are not even caring anymore about whether or not they embarrass themselves.

Shows like “Bad Girls Club” , “Love and Hip Hop”, and even this reality show dealing with preachers that live in Hollywood. It is nonsense to me. Why would a preacher care about being on television? It is all fake to me. Everyone wants to their own reality show and to make a fool of themselves and months later they want to get on the news or post something on a social website and apologize to everyone or explain their situation of why they did a certain thing on television. Like I said I am not even sure why it is called reality television when in reality no one walks behind you or around you with a camera all day unless you are the President of The United States of America. In my opinion they should shut all of it down and just stick to regular shows.

Leaving Corrections Behind

In Elementary school, we begin the journey of learning to write papers. We are taught at a young age how to spot grammatical errors and how to “properly” set up our paper. The older we get the easier it is to master these steps, and fall into a pattern of how papers should be written. This week I had the opportunity of deviating from this pattern and writing a crappy first draft.

Before writing, I read an article by Anne Lamott stating that writing this crappy first draft was necessary to good writing. This article changed my perspective of writing completely. I actually got excited about writing for the first time in my life, and realized that by leaving all the correcting behind I could just simply write. When I finally started writing, it just seemed to flow from me to the computer screen. I had probably a million errors but it was the crappy first draft. In this drafting stage, you are allowed to have this many errors and not worry about them.crappy first drafts

The more I wrote the easier it was for me not to correct myself. Was it completely easy? No. I found myself wanting to check each sentence with a fine toothed comb. I occasionally even did correct my paper, but by seeing what ideas came from this form of free writing I easily found the topic for my paper.

Writing a crappy first draft by no means constitutes you will have a perfect paper, but by writing it you will find yourself being much more at ease writing.  It will not always be easy, but it will always be worth it. Anne Lamott really opened my eyes to a new and very efficient way of producing a good paper. She showed me that writing crap was necessary, and that in order to do this I had to leave my corrections behind. I am now happy to say, “Hello to crappy first drafts and goodbye to corrections!”

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