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The Early Bird Gets the Advantage: The Importance of Literacy in Early Childhood

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Children of this generation are not encouraged to write as much as pupils in the past which limits creativity which can lead to depression and many other mental health issues in young creatives especially, but children as a whole. My topic for this research project is to examine why there aren’t more writing programs for youth among the ages of three to twelve. I want to find how there can be more funding for literacy programs in order to help my reader understand the importance of gaining a love of reading at an early age to help with overall health in the future.

The trend seems to be to push children to choose careers in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields since they offer the most promising salaries after a college education. These STEM programs often receive the most funding while literacy programs are left either raise their own funds or deal with minimal funding.

How does reading and writing affect the mind of young children?

Do children who read and write more do better in school?

Are they overall mentally healthier?

Why is the act of reading important for development?

Why are there not more careers field for the language arts?

My parents always encouraged me to go to school and get good grades so I can go to college and choose a major that would get me the best paying job. My parents, like many others, always told me to “reach for the stars” (whatever that means) and aim to be a doctor or lawyer or engineer. While all of those are admirable careers, none of them ever seem to suit me. I was the child dangling one foot out of my second story window bedroom gazing at the desert that was my backyard and contemplating the meaning of life and if all of “this” is a dream and what that meant for the concept of good and evil. Deep stuff for an eight year old but that’s what literature did for me. It took me to places so real they could not be made up. My senses were so intrigued by the worlds on the pages it were as if I were in them.

Hey There Cecily G.

H. A. Rey’s artwork makes me feel as if I was still a six year old girl reading at my grandmother’s house.

This 1942 illustration for Cecily G. and the 9 Monkeys by H. A. Rey is wonderfully drawn.  The expressions and context seems so simple, yet it pops off the page as if it were animated.  Rey’s artwork truthfully is an expression of the mind of a children’s author.

cecily g

I find this picture, among others, beautifully made.  I love the simple style of Rey’s characters.  They’re smiling faces seem to welcome me into their world.  I thoroughly enjoyed searching through the digital archives on the USM library website.  Seeing the many sketches and full illustrations put a smile on my face.

I’ve always been a fan of art, especially concept art.  I enjoy seeing the creative process of an artist.  So, pictures such as this are a great way of seeing where an artist starts off.  We all know the end result, but it’s enthralling to see the beginning.

I am excited to look into and discuss the early art of H. A. Rey, and I look forward to discovering more about his style and growth in the creative world of children’s books illustrations.

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