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The Real World

I was thinking of doing my research proposal on something that in my opinion has gone too far. Reality television. It seems as if that is all that I see on my television. I am not even sure why it is even considered to be called reality shows. When in reality those people would not be acting the way they would really act if those cameras were not around. I am really not a big fan of reality television, but that is all that seems to come on now. The very first reality television series that I can think of is “The Real World”. That was the only reality television show that was out years ago. As the years progressed more and more reality television shows are coming to surface. The first show that came out that had something to do with winning a date is I think “The Flavor of Love”. That is the first dating reality show that girls had to be embarrass themselves to be with someone. Now people are not even caring anymore about whether or not they embarrass themselves.

Shows like “Bad Girls Club” , “Love and Hip Hop”, and even this reality show dealing with preachers that live in Hollywood. It is nonsense to me. Why would a preacher care about being on television? It is all fake to me. Everyone wants to their own reality show and to make a fool of themselves and months later they want to get on the news or post something on a social website and apologize to everyone or explain their situation of why they did a certain thing on television. Like I said I am not even sure why it is called reality television when in reality no one walks behind you or around you with a camera all day unless you are the President of The United States of America. In my opinion they should shut all of it down and just stick to regular shows.

Heartland: Public Review


As I sat in class and thought about what I wanted to review I thought of my addiction to not just Netflix but a specific series on Netflix called “Heartland”. I am on Season 5 Episode 6 and there are 26 episodes in one season. I choose this series because it focuses on country life in small towns where everybody knows everybody and how the hospitable people that live in Calgary are nice, friendly and helpful to anybody that needs help. It focuses on the aspect of animals, mainly horses and how they have feelings and are actually really smart animals. I myself know this because at one point I used to own nine horses, I know just how smart and stubborn they can be but in the end if you listen and try to understand them they are almost in a way “human-like”. The same goes with the people in the story, they sometimes might not like what Amy Flemming has to say about their horses and sometimes even about the person themselves but once that person takes a step back and realizes that she might be right, they understand. In the series “Heartland”, it is about reality and a community coming together in times of need. Which seems to be lacking nowadays, especially where I come from.

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