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Progression of the Archive Project

Starting off this project, I was pretty much lost. I had no idea how this project would end up in the long run or how the process would even happen. Of course, I knew my first step would involve taking a trip to the archive and just looking at the folders in which I had chosen to review.

From there, our group got together and started talking about ways that we would present our findings to the class. I honestly had no clue except for the fact that we would have to write a paper of some sort. After discussing with the group, we decided we were going to present the pictures in a power point and describe each picture.

But how were we going to organize the material in a sense that would be easy to follow? After this past Monday, my group and I made a layout as to how we would go about presenting the information and in what order we would do so. First, we plan on describing the journals and diaries we found and then we would dive into speaking of the books and articles H.A. Rey pasted in his diary. This will represent his inspiration. Georgie will then speak of her findings in which describes his work towards one of his first books as his work in progress. Finally, Mia will speak of the transactions he recorded in his journal entries.

Overall, I was a bit uneasy at the beginning of this assignment. After having several class and group discussions, I am becoming more at ease with the project. I hope the flow can continue flowing!

One Smart Monkey


I find it amazing how H.A. Rey and Margaret started off with nine monkeys and ended up with only one. Before starting this assignment I was not aware of there being nine monkeys. When I was younger I was only taught that there were nine monkeys and I only read about one monkey also. I see there is a reason why they eventually only put one monkey. They made Curious George the smart one out of the monkeys and that is why he stood out. For instance, this picture shows how none of the other eight monkeys had sense enough to get on the giraffe and dodge the rain. But leave it up to Curious George to figure out exactly what to do. Also it looks as if since he dodged the rain he is also having fun. The only way Curious George knows how. Monkeys are supposed to be smart animals so I guess that is why H.A. and Margaret Ray just decided to stick with Curious George because they only really needed one monkey after a while because the other monkeys just eventually got in the way of his fame. I am not really sure where the “man in the yellow suit” came from. When I first learned about Curious George I always read he was with the “man in the yellow suit”. He caused him so much trouble and “the man in the yellow suit” had to always get Curious George out of the situations he got himself into to. Curious George was exactly what he was called Curious. I have always been a big fan of Curious George. I used to watch the television shows and also the movies. Curious George will always be a popular reading among kids and also among adults that like kids illustrated books.

Hey There Cecily G.

H. A. Rey’s artwork makes me feel as if I was still a six year old girl reading at my grandmother’s house.

This 1942 illustration for Cecily G. and the 9 Monkeys by H. A. Rey is wonderfully drawn.  The expressions and context seems so simple, yet it pops off the page as if it were animated.  Rey’s artwork truthfully is an expression of the mind of a children’s author.

cecily g

I find this picture, among others, beautifully made.  I love the simple style of Rey’s characters.  They’re smiling faces seem to welcome me into their world.  I thoroughly enjoyed searching through the digital archives on the USM library website.  Seeing the many sketches and full illustrations put a smile on my face.

I’ve always been a fan of art, especially concept art.  I enjoy seeing the creative process of an artist.  So, pictures such as this are a great way of seeing where an artist starts off.  We all know the end result, but it’s enthralling to see the beginning.

I am excited to look into and discuss the early art of H. A. Rey, and I look forward to discovering more about his style and growth in the creative world of children’s books illustrations.

The Finding Aid Gives Me a Glimpse of the Past

Stumbling upon the finding aid, I was immediately overwhelmed with all of the accessible information of H. A. and Margret Rey. Of their works alone, I learned that there is a heaping 303 boxes of the Rey’s creative originality. Whether it is the rough drafts, manuscripts, sketches or side notes, all of the information and steps taken into publishing their works are absolutely remarkable.

After becoming more familiar with the primary principles of using the finding aid, I did not find myself to be as overwhelmed as before. Though there is an abundant amount of information to see, it is surprisingly organized. As I have mentioned before, the page I was initially directed to carried a lot of information and endless scrolls of words that seemed a bit foreign. After reading through it some more, I learned that the bolded scriptures placed on the left side of the page were titled according to one’s desired search. Following the bolded headings, there would be brief descriptions about what one may find under this listing.

One item that caught me by surprise foremost was the fact that there are even preserved audio recordings and videos found within this archive. Of the 303 boxes, H.A. and Margret Rey have saved audio records. I can only imagine how surreal such an instance may be to just listen to them. It is strange enough to have availability to everything else, but audio recordings really top it off. Another fascinating fact I came across pertains to the language of the works of the Reys. Though the main language in majority of the findings is English, some pieces are even written in German, French and Portuguese!

Overall, I am pretty excited to get the ball rolling and to start participating in some hands on research of the infamous archive.


A look into H.A. Rey

After searching through the H.A & Margret Rey Digital Collection, I found it quite simple to use. The collection was, of course, expansive and full of documents but not to difficult to sort through. I think the most difficult thing about the site is it being so expansive. I feel like there could be a way to group the documents under certain tag names so that I, the researcher, could have an easier time looking for different findings. For example grouping all H.A Rey’s postcard together or letters to different people. I think this would help the website be more concise and give the website more clarity.

As I was looking through the pages of the digital collection I found several
illustrations by H.A. Rey that I really liked. I found the ones I lNew_Year_Card_1942iked the most were the ones he used in his post cards. It shows that drawing was not just his job but his life. It shows he loved to draw and wanted others to see that as well. I love the way I can see the time put into these illustrations. If i were to receive a post card with this type of illustration it would make me feel special. It shows character and i can just see H.A. Rey through this. I can not wait to study H.E. Rey as we continue through this project.



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