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Music for the Masses

When most people are asked why they like a specific type of app or technology, the most common response is that it is the most popular. People have the mindset of, “If everyone else is using it, I may as well too.” We live in a world that is becoming completely run by technology. One of the biggest areas affected by this change has been the music industry.

Most people find their escape from everyday life by listening to music. Music is a huge aspect of a vast amount of the population’s lives. Before wide spread internet access, people had to drive to the store and purchase the CD or tape that contained the desired song. This could be quite the hassle in various ways. People had to purchase entire CD’s for one single song. Sometimes the CD wouldn’t even be available; the last one sold just minutes before. Thanks to the internet boom, we now have access to applications like Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, and many others. These various apps give us the option to listen to and purchase our favorite song without the hassle of buying the whole CD all from the comfort of home, or the ease of your mobile phone. Today, I will be reviewing one of the most prolific music applications, iTunes.


To begin with, iTunes is like all other music applications. The main purpose is to buy music, whether it be an entire CD or a single. iTunes is an application that can be used on any smart phone, laptop, or computer that has access to an internet connection. It has many different features and is fairly easy to use. The home screen gives access to many different song choices and also has ringtones, movies, books, and many other easily accessible items. They sometimes even have sales on certain songs and free songs from upcoming artists. iTunes makes getting music easy and fun. I personally love iTunes and use it very often. For any music lover, it is the perfect place to find and purchase any song that makes you happy. iTunes is easy and free to register for. As a user, you are allowed to leave a review on certain songs and it also keeps up with all of your purchases.

I believe this application is the most resourceful of any app of its kind. I am a music fanatic and constantly find myself purchasing new music. iTunes fuels this addiction. Unlike Spotify and Pandora, you can actually buy the music to add to your digital library. No longer having to connect to the internet to listen to it, listening to your favorite songs becomes that much more available. It also gives me constant access to the latest songs and even some songs that I loved in my childhood. iTunes really enables childhood nostalgia, something I appreciate to no end. The wonderful thing about iTunes is that not only can you find music from this decade, but also music from any decade of your choosing. This aspect of iTunes not only makes it perfect for the younger generations but also for the older generations. From the top hits of today, all the way back to the classics of Bach, iTunes will always have what you need. With the amount of music in the world it is great to be able to have a common place where anyone can find their favorite music.

Looking at iTunes, it’s hard for me to find opposing opinions, but there are a few. First off, it makes hard media, such as CDs and tapes, obsolete. They are much less common to find nowadays, which isn’t something retro aficionados enjoy. It may also be harder for those of older generations to use. Not growing up with technology, it takes them a lot longer to get a feel for something and truly understand how to use it. We all have an older relative that curses technology for its confusing interface. One small problem with iTunes is the lack of right. iTunes doesn’t have the rights to certain bands and music that others would love to purchase. Adding to that, buying any song that isn’t American is an ordeal in and of itself. Like everything and everyone, i-Tunes has a few flaws. These flaws are made up for though through i-Tunes’ amazing credibility.

Credibility wise, iTunes is pretty up there. It’s one of the biggest music companies in this day and age, working in tandem with all the latest artists and musicians. It’s almost impossible for a person to live in this society and not have used iTunes at least once in their lives. iTunes obtains all needed rights to every single song, video, or movie within their store. Nothing is stolen or sold without the original creator’s permission. The artists get a portion of all sales of their music and videos with a percentage given to Apple. It even has features where a new artist hoping to break out in the industry can add his or her music to the store for new customers to find. Each week, iTunes promotes an up and coming artist by giving out a free single. This helps not only their revenue, but also the artists’ popularity.

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Summing up, iTunes truly is a giant within its own rights. It makes music easily accessible and affordable to the masses. Not only is it an app for music alone, but also many other outlets of entertainment. Did you like that song you heard on the radio? Nine times out of ten, it will be on iTunes. Listening to Pandora, Spotify, or identifying a song using Soundhound, there’s always the option to go to iTunes and purchase the song for your own personal library. This integration really shows just how universal iTunes really is. It makes it possible for you to take music with you anywhere. Whether it be at your desk working on assignments, running down a trail in the middle of the woods, or cooking dinner in the kitchen, iTunes has all the music you could ever want to give your life the soundtrack it needs

A Public Review Proposal

This week, I was asked to pick a topic or object to personally review. I began thinking long and hard about a topic that would not only interest me but also interest the public. I started jotting down ideas and soon found the topic that interested me the most. I realized that I wanted my topic to be about music. I have always had an immense love and admiration for music. I began looking into basing my whole topic around music, and how it has changed not only how we see things but also how we view them. The more I thought about this topic the more I realized that I wanted to talk about how applications (apps) have influenced music. I found that the most widely used form of this type of app is I-Tunes.itunes

I personally love I-Tunes and use it very frequently. It is an app that has many different qualities and adheres in many different ways to its user. I believe that using I-Tunes as my topic will not only inform current users of this app but also may bring in new users. My hope is that in reviewing I-Tunes, I can not only show people how music is important but also prove that I-Tunes can be very helpful for any person who has a love for all kinds of music. I am very excited to review this app that I personally love, and hope that I can convince my readers to fall in love with it to.

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