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Research Sources

For my research topic, I plan on using mostly primary and secondary sources. My primary sources will consist of interviews with particular psychopathic murders such as Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer. I will use video links and footage of court cases in which they are present. This will help the reader understand the emotions expressed by each party upon receiving their sentence. I may even include pictures that were taken from murder scenes for imagery and evidential purposes.

As for my secondary sources, I will mostly be using academic journals and scholarly articles to support my topic. I will search the brain chemistry of a psychopath and the chemistry of a non psychopath in order to recognize the abnormalities and differences. This will better explain the reason for a psychopath’s immoral actions and the absence of feelings towards it. I may incorporate pictures of EEG readings to provide the reader a better visual as well.

I will locate the majority of my sources through the internet on USM’s academic search premier found on USM’s online library. I will also use YouTube videos and Google images to access my primary sources.

Some key words I will use to narrow my research will be “psychopath EEG reading,” “chemical imbalances,” “Ted Bundy,” “Jeffrey Dahmer,” “psychopathic behavior,” and other key phrases I am sure I will stumble upon as I continue to do my research.

The American Psycho

After brainstorming a few possible research topics, I have decided to focus my attention towards psychopaths. It took some time to narrow my broad topic but after talking to one of my fellow classmates about my prospective topic, I decided to focus on the behavior of a particular psychopath, Ted Bundy.

In doing so, I plan on finding the answers to several questions such as: What is Psychopathy? What chemical imbalances may there be in the brain that triggers actions of a psychopath? What behaviors do psychopaths portray? Do their behaviors and actions depend on their location and who they are around? Who do they target? What kind of people did Ted Bundy target and why? How did Ted choose his victims? What type of psychopath was Ted? What characteristics determines this type of psychopath? How convincing was Ted’s behavior in the court room when he was being charged with all of his murders? What made it so convincing that he did or did not commit the crimes? How did the jury and the judge react to his behavior in the court room?

Overall, I am working on the topic of the Ted Bundy case because I want to find out the impact his actions and behaviors had on others around him in order to help my reader better understand the influentially dangerous power psychopaths can have on those that surround them.


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