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My research project will be on emotion regulation.  This is the process of modifying your reaction to emotional triggers.  These can be environmental or based on what is running through your head at the time.  There are two types of emotion regulation: antecedent based (prepping yourself for something to come) and response based (changing the way you react after the fact).  There have been many studies done that discuss the benefits and problems associated with each.  I will be exploring which of the two is more effective.

The methods involved in regulating emotion will be my primary focus, but if I have space I will also explore whether trying to control them causes physical harm.  There is some research that suggests psychological benefits may be outweighed by additional strain on the body.  Cardiovascular side effects are an important concern that I want to cover.  I hope to find research that links the two together, but if not I will cover one briefly and focus on the other topic listed above.

This topic is very interesting to me because been informally modifying my emotion for many years.  Most of us have.  When at a funeral, we don’t let a humorous thought cause us to laugh or smile.  We might even make ourselves look somber to convey the appropriate emotion.  Being able to do this in other situations can have great benefits.  Our environment is malleable, but we have to understand what happens when we change things, and how to go about it best.

Anger and frustration are two emotions that are sometimes warranted, but usually unproductive.  This is especially true if they’re left unchecked for long periods of time.  Some even think they can’t be controlled and make no attempt to do so because they are so intense.  I hope my project offers useful insight on the topic.

A Public Review Proposal

This week, I was asked to pick a topic or object to personally review. I began thinking long and hard about a topic that would not only interest me but also interest the public. I started jotting down ideas and soon found the topic that interested me the most. I realized that I wanted my topic to be about music. I have always had an immense love and admiration for music. I began looking into basing my whole topic around music, and how it has changed not only how we see things but also how we view them. The more I thought about this topic the more I realized that I wanted to talk about how applications (apps) have influenced music. I found that the most widely used form of this type of app is I-Tunes.itunes

I personally love I-Tunes and use it very frequently. It is an app that has many different qualities and adheres in many different ways to its user. I believe that using I-Tunes as my topic will not only inform current users of this app but also may bring in new users. My hope is that in reviewing I-Tunes, I can not only show people how music is important but also prove that I-Tunes can be very helpful for any person who has a love for all kinds of music. I am very excited to review this app that I personally love, and hope that I can convince my readers to fall in love with it to.

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