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Outline of Sources

For my research paper, I believe the majority of the sources will be secondary sources. Most of the sources I have found so far are articles from blogs, news stories, or scholarly sources. I haven’t had much luck finding any primary sources, though I’m feeling hopeful that once I start digging through all the secondary sources I’ll find something worthwhile. As for tertiary sources, I’m not sure I’ll be using them at the moment; however, that could change once I begin my full search for information.

The primary resources I’ll be using to find my sources include USM’s online library database, along with the databases it suggests to me, Google Scholar, and perhaps even borrowing books from different colleges. I’m hoping to find a text devoted to the psychological aspects of masculinity and its effects later in life.

The terms I plan on using when researching my topic include but aren’t limited to “toxic masculinity”, “harmful masculinity”, “gender psychology”, and “effects of masculinity”.

I plan to break down this topic in phases. First, I want to know how toxic masculinity effects different age groups, starting with children and continuing on into adulthood. This part will mainly focus on male children, who toxic masculinity is aimed at in the first place. Then, I’ll research how women are affected. I’ve noticed that toxic masculinity is often associated with violence, so I’ll most likely find many sources dealing with that topic. I also want to investigate how much of a problem toxic masculinity has become (or will become) in our society, and if there is a way to possibly fix the damage that has already been done.

Presently, I’ve been having a bit of difficulty finding sources that actually conduct research on my topic rather than just mention it in passing. I’m hoping to have more luck the longer I search.

Research Paper Pitch

Lately, I’ve become exceedingly interested in the differences between the genders and what makes them behave the way they do. One of the terms I came across while investing this topic was toxic masculinity. As soon as I read the definition, I knew Toxic Masculinitythat I wanted to write my research paper on toxic masculinity. I immediately had questions: Why does such a thing like toxic masculinity exist? How does it affect men throughout their lives? Are women affected? If so, how? Is toxic masculinity a problem that should be addressed? And if so, how should it be taken care of? I want to work with the topic of toxic masculinity because I want to find out why it’s becoming such an important issue in our society. I want to show my readers that toxic masculinity is a very important factor to take into account when observing the psychology of our society.

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