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Emotion Regulation Source Review


For my research project on emotion regulation, I will be using several studies and articles in academic journals.  I found several that have performed experiments with emotion.  Their opinions/findings will give me a better idea of whether it’s better to prep yourself for an emotion, or deal with it afterward.  There are medical journals that have looked into the physical effects of modifying emotional responses to environment as well, and I’ll use them to understand what happens when each regulation strategy is used.

I will also use websites dedicated to researching emotion and the impact it can have on daily life.  One example of the online sources I’ve come across is is  They have a blog of their own and several professionals that will give me the information I need to research the topic.  Their news section is up to date and gives information on events and newly published books.  I haven’t looked through all of the links they post to related sites, but that will give me more to review as well.  There are a lot of resources out there, so I’ll be scanning as efficiently as possible to find the ones that are relevant to the aspect of emotion I’m researching: whether it’s better take an antecedent or response based approach.

The American Psycho

After brainstorming a few possible research topics, I have decided to focus my attention towards psychopaths. It took some time to narrow my broad topic but after talking to one of my fellow classmates about my prospective topic, I decided to focus on the behavior of a particular psychopath, Ted Bundy.

In doing so, I plan on finding the answers to several questions such as: What is Psychopathy? What chemical imbalances may there be in the brain that triggers actions of a psychopath? What behaviors do psychopaths portray? Do their behaviors and actions depend on their location and who they are around? Who do they target? What kind of people did Ted Bundy target and why? How did Ted choose his victims? What type of psychopath was Ted? What characteristics determines this type of psychopath? How convincing was Ted’s behavior in the court room when he was being charged with all of his murders? What made it so convincing that he did or did not commit the crimes? How did the jury and the judge react to his behavior in the court room?

Overall, I am working on the topic of the Ted Bundy case because I want to find out the impact his actions and behaviors had on others around him in order to help my reader better understand the influentially dangerous power psychopaths can have on those that surround them.


Persuasive Tactics

For my specific research topic, I chose to focus and discover how Hitler persuaded large amounts of people to follow him by simply public speaking. Hitler who is known as notorious today, was once the leader of the German empire. I will place my focus on how this notorious man persuaded thousands of people that his way of thinking was not only correct but moral.

hitler1 I will use multiple sources to answer many different questions. One of my many questions will focus on how his tone and  language were specific to certain speeches he made, and why he used specific types of tone and language to convey his message. I will also look further into how he prepared his speeches for specific functions such as speaking to the public and/or speaking to dignitaries. The main focus of my research will be the reactions to Hitler’s speeches, and how this made him as powerful as he was. Another large factor, is how Hitler used his body language in a persuasive way when presenting a speech or address to the public. We are very visual people, so we can understand that the more stimuli during a speech the better we perceive it. I will use this human response to see how Hitler’s body language and gestures had an effect on his viewers and listeners.

I chose this topic because I think it is very interesting, and it is an important part of history. I am not trying to prove if Hitler was a bad person or not, because that is not the purpose of this research paper. I am simply going to find information to show how, as people, we can be easily persuaded to think something is good simply by the way it is presented. I hope that by finding the specific information on this topic, I can inform my readers that just because something is wrapped in a pretty package does not always mean it is pretty. Hopefully, we can learn that our own opinions should be the ones we focus on instead of the opinions of others.hitler2

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