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Fake is the New Real

When you define “reality television,” the definition will basically say that reality television is an unscripted, real life situation that is being recorded and put on television for millions of people to see. However, from my perspective, reality television is not real because every day, regular people do not have cameras following them everywhere they go. When a camera is front of anyone, whoever that person is, they will not act the way they would really act if that camera was not there. On every reality television show, for example, there is a reunion that follows after the last show airs.  People will say or do things that they were not able to do when the show was airing so they wait for the reunion to get everything out of the way. I have done my research and these shows air months or years after taping, which raises the question: why can’t they settle their differences before the reunion?  In my opinion, people in real life settle their differences at that time and not wait until months down the road because by that time people will get over it or have forgotten why they were mad in the first place.

The first popular reality show was called “The Real World,” which was the reality show that made way for other reality shows today. There were reality shows before “The Real World” in the early 1940’s such as “Candid Camera,” but those cameras were hidden and they were not aware they were on camera.  To me, this is the true definition of reality television because they were not aware they were being recorded and they acted the way they really would react in a live situation.  Back in the early 1990’s, those shows weren’t as successful as they were intended to be due to the fact they didn’t have enough action for the general public. So that’s when they came up with “The Real World” where perfect strangers were forced to live together and get along. “The Real World” is the longest running reality television show in MTV history. It has been airing since 1992 and it is still airing today.

One thing people fail to realize is that without drama, arguing, or fighting, a reality show will not be successful. People love excitement and without that there will be no reason to watch it. Every reality television show ends with a cliffhanger of what is to come on the next show the following week, which would show something exciting dealing mostly with drama or fighting.  I believe the producers and writers of the shows tell the people how to act and react to situations because they know what the audience wants.  As a result, participants act in ways that they really wouldn’t act in real life.  All the drama that they portray is created for entertainment.  There is no one in this world with that much drama and craziness in their lives.

The show I would like to mainly focus on is a reality television show called “The Bad Girls Club”. There have been 14 seasons of the show so far and it does not seem like it will be subsiding anytime soon. The show consists of seven women that are twenty-one or older living in a house for 3 months in order to better themselves during their stay.  On every season there have been fights after fights and it gets worse every season. If their actions were real in these episodes then someone would get really hurt, especially due to the fact that when people fight on these shows they put their all into it.  Since producers are creating entertainment, they know how to make things more than what they seem.  After all, that is their job as a producer and writer. For example, there was one season where two girls looked as if they had really gotten hurt, but if that was the case, those girls would have had a right to sue the show, the producers, the writers, and also the girls that they were supposedly fighting. Furthermore, I have noticed a few things about how women act on the shows.  When the women talk in their interview they sometimes say they are upcoming models or aspiring actresses, and some say that they are just regular people. In some instances, when I watch game shows or stand-up comedy shows I see some girls that were claiming that they were just regular people and wanted to be on the show.  As a result, I wonder whether or not it is a coincidence that they are on other shows.  Or is possible that they could be behind scenes paid actresses?

I know for a fact that some women go from one reality show to the next.  For example, Megan James, after appearing on season 9 of “The Bad Girls Club,” went to another reality show called “Love and Hip Hop.”   She is a prime example for being a reality television star that goes from show to show. Also, there is another woman that has been on “The Bad Girls Club” that goes by the name Camilla Poindexter that claimed she was not an actress and that “The Bad Girls Club” was the first show she was on. Well one day I was watching this show called “Wild N Out” and this show came out in 2005 and I happened to see her as one of the girls that parade around the stage that works for the show. The season of “The Bad Girls Club” that she was on came out in 2012, which still leaves us to ponder whether or not that was a coincidence also.

In conclusion, reality television shows are not always what they seem. After all, people have to put on a show to make the show worth watching. There are no such things as reality shows. The only reality is reality, real life living. No cameras, no audience, and no ratings just simply living a normal life without having a makeup artist do your makeup for you to live your supposedly regular life. Also, I feel so strongly about this topic due to the fact there are more people out in the world that actually believe that these shows are real and look forward to seeing these type of shows due to the fact that they think it is real. Nevertheless, it is some way controlling their minds because people think that this is how people really do live their everyday life that they are watching on television. When in reality none of it is real.

Megan James on Bad Girls Club



Megan James on Basketball Wives


megan on basketball wives

The Real World

I was thinking of doing my research proposal on something that in my opinion has gone too far. Reality television. It seems as if that is all that I see on my television. I am not even sure why it is even considered to be called reality shows. When in reality those people would not be acting the way they would really act if those cameras were not around. I am really not a big fan of reality television, but that is all that seems to come on now. The very first reality television series that I can think of is “The Real World”. That was the only reality television show that was out years ago. As the years progressed more and more reality television shows are coming to surface. The first show that came out that had something to do with winning a date is I think “The Flavor of Love”. That is the first dating reality show that girls had to be embarrass themselves to be with someone. Now people are not even caring anymore about whether or not they embarrass themselves.

Shows like “Bad Girls Club” , “Love and Hip Hop”, and even this reality show dealing with preachers that live in Hollywood. It is nonsense to me. Why would a preacher care about being on television? It is all fake to me. Everyone wants to their own reality show and to make a fool of themselves and months later they want to get on the news or post something on a social website and apologize to everyone or explain their situation of why they did a certain thing on television. Like I said I am not even sure why it is called reality television when in reality no one walks behind you or around you with a camera all day unless you are the President of The United States of America. In my opinion they should shut all of it down and just stick to regular shows.

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