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Research Project Sources

When searching for my voice manipulation research topic I plan to use lots of videos. I think videos can show what happens inside the voice. These sources will be able to explain my findings in more depth. I also plan to use articles from different known voice doctors. I will also use studies on my topic to support my findings. I have searched for different journals in the USM library and have many different sources I could use. One great thing about my topic is there is many different ways to use my sources. There are many different ways to manipulate the voice and using those different ways to find specific sources to match.

Here is an example of a source for voice manipulation:

Research Proposal

When trying to find a topic for my research project, I didn’t quite know what to pick. I have so many interest and picking one is super difficult. But after considering my options, I have decided to do my research project on the voice (not the television show). I would really like to learn how the voice is produced. What has to happen in the body to produce a sound? What happens when you put bad TeachingVoiceWorks-sthings into the body? Does it affect your voice? What produces different sounds? What happens inside the throat? Do the vocal chords react different ways when making different notes? How do the vocal chords move when talking versus singing?  The voice has always been interesting to me. I love to sing. I probably sing every minute of the day, and when I’m not singing I have a song in my head. It’s the one thing that I escape to. Since this is a passion for me, to actually dig in and discover the happenings of the voice can really benefit me. In my project i would like to include video findings of his the vocal cords work. I think a visual approach is the best way. Here is a starting article on my topic: How The Voice Works

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