Benjamin Franklin changed the world

In class today, we talked about how Ben Franklin and Steve Jobs changed the world. A big question is who changed it more? I think the answer to this question is rather simple. Although, Steve Jobs advanced technology, Ben Franklin basically started technology. When we were looking at all of what Ben Franklin did today in class, it is hard to wrap your head around everything Ben Franklin has done. He did not have the base technology that Steve Jobs had. Ben Franklin could have possibly been the most innovative thinker in history with the same technology that Jobs had. Like we said in class, if Ben Franklin had the technology that we have today, he would be in the same category of thinkers like Isaac Newton. In reference to the article Moral Perfection, it was asked if Ben Franklin was crazy or admirable in regards to achieving moral perfection. I don’t think Ben Franklin is crazy for trying to achieve moral perfection. It may seem a little “cocky” but I actually admire someone who is trying to better themselves as a person, regardless of how they go about that. Granted, it is crazy because no one could ever really achieve “moral perfection”, but you can’t penalize him for trying. Overall, I think Ben Franklin deserves respect because of what he did during his lifetime. He changed everything and may be cocky, but he still deserves respect. Ben Franklin single handedly changed this world in many ways, and in my opinion, he is one of the greatest innovators and thinkers of all time.

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  1. Gbarnard says:

    I agree with many of the points you made. I believe that Ben Franklin did start a vast amount of technology and that Steve jobs advanced technology. To expand on your thinking, I would like to comment more on the technology differences between jobs and franklin. If Steve Jobs were alive in franklins time could he have created the same things that ben did? In this day and age it is very hard to invent something as brilliant as one of the things that Franklin did. Therefore Steve jobs took the technology we had and made it better and advanced it. If he were alive when Franklin was could he have thought of all the same things? Instead of advancing I think that he could have created just the same as Franklin.

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