On Thursday there were two discussions that I thought about even after the class ended. The fist one was about if the monster was human or not. The second was about if Victor was right or wrong in creating the monster.

I found the discussion we had in class about whether Frankenstein’s monster was human or not very interesting. The monster was created out of human parts and he did not come into this world normally. He was created not born. Although he did not have to grow up physically he did have to learn stuff the way all humans have to starting with sensations then to speech and communication. His brain was a blank slate.

I think he is human despite the way he was brought into the world. He has the same human emotions (anger, spitefulness, loneliness  pity, joy, guilt, and sadness)  learning capabilities (was a blank slate and needed to learn sensations, words and their meanings, how to communicate etc.) and needs (companionship, to be accepted by his creator, food, water etc.)  If we were to successfully clone a human being would that make them any less human than a non clone? I think not. Therefore, the matter in which he came into this world does not make him any less human than you and I.

As for whether it was right or wrong for Victor to create the monster I think it depends on what you focus on. Is it wrong because he is playing God? Is it wrong because he mutilated bodies of other human beings? Is it okay since it was in the name of science? I honestly do not have an answer. Each of these questions make me answer differently. What I can say for certain is I think it was very wrong of Victor to abandon his creation.

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3 Responses to Human?

  1. Jeff Newland says:

    I believe that Victor did nothing wrong by creating the “monster.” He was only trying to advance the world of medicine and technology by using his knowledge and talent. Victor’s creation was way beyond his time and what he did should of been valued instead of him being overshadowed by his fear of his creation. I do believe that the monster is human. Although he was created by different human parts and didn’t have a growing up period. He did learn as a human would. By being part of the world, the monster learned by his natural surroundings.

  2. Erin Heffernan says:

    I find both of your questions to be very intriguing. I am also torn between whether or not the monster is human or not. He is made out of human parts and he is able to learn and act like a human, however, some of his abilities are hard to grasp. He was able to pick up emotions, speaking, and reading by simply watching others. As a normal human being this seems almost impossible for someone to be able to accomplish in such a short period of time. He is able to feel emotion however, which is a definitely a human quality. This is why my answer to this question is split between the two. When it comes to Victor’s morals for creating the monster I believe he was wrong in doing so. If he wanted to further the world of science and medicine, I think that he should have thought about the consequences in doing so before hand.

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