Frankenstein Exhibit

In passing during the Frankenstein exhibit Professor Carey made a comment about how both Victor and Hank use electricity as their main source of power, but in completely opposite ways. While Victor uses it to bring life to something, Hank uses it as a weapon of destruction. This got me thinking and comparing the two characters and their actions.

Victor and Hank are quite similar in many ways to me. Like the way they are both driven to make an impact on the world. Victor is desperate to be the holder of the secret of life, and Hank wants to bring the middle ages to his version of modern civilization. In trying to complete their goals they use technology.

In another part of the exhibit there was a section on the responsibility the scientific community has regarding ethics and what technology is used for. Both characters involve themselves in possibly unethical situations. Victor for one, as we have discussed, uses others’ bodies for his monster, and then with each decision he makes, he endangers the lives his family and friends by not telling anyone about his creation. Hank brings technology to a world that is not yet able to comprehend such advancements. He takes advantage of their naivety to put himself in a position of power. The only difference between them is how they use the technology they have. While Victor was able to create something from his experience with electricity, Hank uses it to bring death. Do you think is was right for Hank to bring that kind of technology to the middle ages? Did the benefits outweigh the consequences?

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