“Pawn Stars” Review

This was a very accurate portrayal of the reality show Pawn Stars. I like how you emphasized that this show is for viewers of all ages. The fact that this show is so viewer-friendly and educational sets it apart from all of the other reality shows.  I watch this show with my family as well, and we all learn new, interesting pieces of information every time we watch it. Even though the methodology of each Pawn Star episode is the same, it never gets boring because (as you mentioned) the thrill of guessing each objects’ price is intriguing and it keeps viewers coming back for more. Also, I like how you stated that the program brings in different experts relevant to specific objects. I think people fail to realize that this adds a lot of credibility to the show as well as the owners’ character; the owners are not simply trying to “get over” on customers, they are quoting fair prices for the customers. The generated credibility also exemplifies the “real” in reality. Experts’ opinions motion that this show is not the typical, staged reality show. This show is about real customers coming in to pawn their objects- the only payment that these customers receive is the money earned for their pawned objects. Customers do not receive monetary incentives, unlike many other reality TV shows. The most important factor that you touched upon was the effect of voice-overs; voice-overs allow for a better understanding as to why the owners make the decisions that they do. Overall, this was a great assessment of Pawn Stars.

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