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Class review

I just wanted to comment on the class in general. I feel as if the content of the class was on track with other Interpretation of Literature courses based off of what I heard from friends who were  enrolled in the same course, but with a different teacher.

I agree with everyone else in the class that Pinterest was of no use, only because there was no extension to it. I believe that if he had some sort of alternative assignment, which incorporated Pinterest, then it would have made it more useful. On the basis of blogs, I would of made a few things differently. For example, as pointed out in class, maybe make half as many blogs but twice as long. Along those same lines, instead of being able to blog about anything, there could be a set topic that everyone has to write about. In addition, everyone should make their blog posts just a draft so others can’t see it and copy their ideas until the due date. So, the due date could be at the end of the week on Friday as an example and after this point everyone can make their blogs visible. Then people could see others and would be welcome to comment on theirs just as we did this semester. Another minor change that I would recommend for the books we read is, don’t get rid of Henry James’s novel totally, but just replace it with a similar novel that touches on the same subject. Other than that, overall the class and its objectives seemed reasonable.

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The Good and Bad of E-Literature

Throughout this week in class we have had multiple discussions about E-Literature and they way our society is using it.  There are many good things that can possibly come from E-Literature, but also a lot of negative things that come from it as well.  First off, we have seen through our examples that E-Literature requires people to be able to read in a different way.  They have to digest words, pictures sounds and movements.  E-Literature is also very interactive and engaging for people who use it.  It stimulates many parts of the brain.  Realistically, will our generation use the electronic literature as much as we use print literature?

We touched on this briefly in class and came up with the conclusion that maybe electronic literature is better suited for young kids.  There are many sounds and pictures which would be able to keep kids actively involved in what they are learning.  I know when I was younger that print literature would tend to bore me sometimes.  This is also where we find one of the main negatives for electronic literature.  Print literature gives us room for our visual imagination.  While reading, we get to make our own visual pictures of what might be going on in the story.  Electronic literature pretty much does that for us by showing pictures and movements.  Although we don’t have control over electronic literature or print literature, print books make us think we have more control.  We control the pace of the reading as well as how we think they story goes.  The imagination factor is a clear point that separates these two concepts.  I want to try and answer my question that I posed earlier in this blog.  I think that our generation is too used to print books and enjoys that we can use our imagination when reading.  Maybe kids of later generations will start using E-Literature early on in their education, but I don’t think print literature will ever go away.

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Differences Between Media: Book vs. Movie

Talking about the differences between the movie Hunger Games and the book, it got me thinking about the two types of media at play. Books have their advantages as well as movies it just depends on how you view the story being told. Which is better the movie version or the book?

The answer could go either way. Books allow for deeper personal connections to be made because you get to process what’s going on at a slower pace and are really able to understand what the author is trying to convey. Imagination runs wild and you are able to create what the story looks like in your head and enjoy the novel more because you are in control. Movies on the other hand, take the descriptions the author makes and turns it into real life. This may differ from what you pictured and those who created the movie really have control over how you will now, and forever see the characters, setting etc. of the books. But, movies also catch attention faster, and intrigue one to stay and watch the rest of the film. Not to say books are boring, but it takes less time to get enthralled in a good movie than a good book because action in movies comes a lot sooner. They have a way of creating a different atmosphere for viewers that capture their attention.

So which do you think is better? Which in your opinion creates a better experience for the story to be told?

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