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Fantasy Love vs Reality Love

In class on tuesday we discussed two quotes having to do with fantasy. The quote I chose to write about is by Andy Warhol. He said, “Fantasy love is much better than reality love… The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.”

Warhold says that fantasy love is much better than reality love. I think he says this for a number of reasons. Real love is not only rare, but it can take work. You have to accept that person for who they are and what they love and hate. This also means accepting them for their faults. Nobody is perfect.

With fantasy love, you create the person you desire. You make them act the way you would want someone that you love to act. They are a perfect match for what you want. You don’t have to worry about personalities clashing and you do not have to try at it. It just comes easy. Warhol says the most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet. I think that he means they are most exciting because its someones fantasy. When two people meet they have to get to know each other and that can be exciting. At some point in time however, there is going to be down time or an awkward silence. You can also get to know everything about that person. If you never meet them and they are just a fantasy then there is always going to be some amount of mystery to that person. You can not be sure how they are going to deal with certain situations so you just have to guess and imagine.

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We Should Not Pursue Realistic Goals with Tranquil Moderation

“We should pursue realistic goals with tranquil moderation, rather than striving for glory in a single minded, passionate pursuits.” This was the quote we had in class on Tuesday September 11th. Some of the things that we discussed about this quotes meanings were setting yourself up for failure and striving to be better.

This quote talks about failure because when saying we should pursue realistic goals the author is stating that we should not set our goal for something that is out of our reach. One of the examples given in class was wanting to be the president when you get older. In regards to this quote, you should not have that goal because you are not likely to become the president of the United States and if you don’t end up becoming president you, in a way, fail yourself for not being able to get to your goal.

On the other hand, I believe that it is better to strive for glory in a passionate pursuit. You should try to be all you can possibly be. How will you ever know what your limits are if you never try to get to them and just work with realistic goals with tranquil moderation? I think that if everyone saw goals in the way the author described that we wouldn’t have some of the great inventions or people that we do have today. In some situations it is better to try to become president and even if you don’t make it you should look back and be proud of everything that you accomplished, not looking forward to see where you didn’t get to.

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Time and space for writing and speaking

I think that the discussion today regarding time and space when it comes to writing and speaking was rather interesting. It raised a great deal of questions and debate. When speaking to another person, everything that is said happens at that time. There is no way to replay it at another point in time, unless it is recorded by another means of communication. Also, there is feedback in the conversation. If something is said that raises a question to you, you can immediately ask a question. When it comes to writing, what is being said does not happen instantly. For example, if I were to write a letter to a friend, what I say would freeze in time until a later time when they read it. The conversation is spread out. Assuming we were to mail back and forth, our conversation could potentially stretch out days or even weeks, covering only one topic. As I stated before, with writing there is no immediate feedback. It is also hard to tell a persons reaction. When speaking face to face there is more body language that can allow you to tell how a person is reacting to what you are saying. You can give more meaning to your words by changing your tone and emphasizing certain words. An advantage to writing compared to speaking is when something is written it becomes recorded. People have real evidence of what you said. This could be very useful not only in the court room but also in business.

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