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E Literature

Even though we talked about e-literature last week, I thought I’d blog about it and give my opinion. E literature I think can be considered art because it is a form of expression and is very creative. It takes a good amount of work to put together the animations and credit should be given to the artists. There is a difference between art and literature though.
When I think of literature I think of actual books. I think of writings that we read during english classes throughout school, and favorite books. I would have never thought that the way e literature is set up would be considered that.
I didn’t mind some of the videos we watched, while others I got somewhat bored. I can’t see e lit becoming more popular because it is so similar already to other forms of media. It is almost like a movie, and given the choice between watching a short video or a movie, I’m guessing most will be choosing a movie.
I agree though with what we discussed that it could be used for educational purposes and be beneficial. But for entertainment I doubt it will ever be a huge phenomenon.

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I must admit that I find E-Literature somewhat frustrating. As I began thinking about my frustration with this form, I realized that my main issue with it is that, like many, I read to take a break from the real world. One reason I do not think E-Literature will ever surpass text/print writings is because it is constantly reminding you of your presence/interaction with the story. Personally, when I read I want to get lost in the story and not remember that I am reading from a machine. You cannot get into the flow of reading when you have to press a button every few minutes/seconds. In the context of the adult and young adult leisure reading I don’t think that E-literature does much for the stories or the reader.

All this aside, I do think that E- Literature has major potential as an educational tool.  I think the maps we looked at for today’s class are a perfect example. Interactive maps could be extremely useful in the teaching of history. I think this could also be expanded upon even farther for anatomy and biology courses. I think the main way in which I see E-literature functioning is in children’s education. The interactive set up is a great way to keep them engaged in reading while entertaining them. I also think that these interactive texts could help to make children more technologically savvy.

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Is E-Literature art??

Is e-literature are? Does it express the way the artist is feeling about a certain situation?  Or is it a poem that people have to try and figure out the deeper meaning of?  In order to answer these questions, we first have to figure out what art is.  In my mind art is when someone express the way they feel through something that they make or produce.  When a person compares this meaning with what e-literature is, then that would make e-literature art.  Instead of expressing a meaning, feeling, or saying in a painting or in words on a piece of paper, e-literature does it through images, media, and sound.  So e-literature is a new form of art that’s moving in a new direction, in the direction of the future.

If e-literature is art, can it still be literature then?  When I think of literature, I think of words written on paper, or at least written together in some kind of formation.  I don’t think of them all over the page then being transformed in to other words which makes them mean something else.  So e-literature then doesn’t classify as literature. Instead it literature with a new twist.  E-literature is what I believe most literature will be like in the future.  The future of literature will be all electronic passages that will have images along with the texts which will help explain the meaning of the words or story, but is this going to help society out? Or is it going to make us next less capable to think for ourselves?  With all our advances with the media lately these are the questions we have to consider when we are trying to advance our world.  Is have literature electronic better or should we keep it strictly on paper?

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