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Will E-Lit Ever Be The Norm?

When we discussed this question in class, it really made me think. Could electronic literature ever be the norm? The more I thought about it, my stance was similar to what everyone else’s was. I do not think electronic lit will ever be the norm. When we looked at the electronic lit for class, I found it to be a task rather than enjoyment. Although I usually find homework to be a task, when I have to read a book I can usually get into the story and not see it as a task. When I had to click on random things for the electronic lit, I was annoyed because I could not go through the story at my own pace and I was very uninterested in the story line.

Also in class, the question was asked if print will ever disappear. I do not think print will disappear in the near future but I think far into the future there is a possibility print could not exist. With the rapid growth of technology, who knows what we are going to be able to in the future. It will be pretty difficult to get rid of print because of how long it has been around. Print has been around for centuries and it will take a huge advancement in technology to make it not the norm anymore. Electronic lit will have to find a way to keep the reader interested and not make it such a task to do.

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I must admit that I find E-Literature somewhat frustrating. As I began thinking about my frustration with this form, I realized that my main issue with it is that, like many, I read to take a break from the real world. One reason I do not think E-Literature will ever surpass text/print writings is because it is constantly reminding you of your presence/interaction with the story. Personally, when I read I want to get lost in the story and not remember that I am reading from a machine. You cannot get into the flow of reading when you have to press a button every few minutes/seconds. In the context of the adult and young adult leisure reading I don’t think that E-literature does much for the stories or the reader.

All this aside, I do think that E- Literature has major potential as an educational tool.  I think the maps we looked at for today’s class are a perfect example. Interactive maps could be extremely useful in the teaching of history. I think this could also be expanded upon even farther for anatomy and biology courses. I think the main way in which I see E-literature functioning is in children’s education. The interactive set up is a great way to keep them engaged in reading while entertaining them. I also think that these interactive texts could help to make children more technologically savvy.

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Today we talked about electronic literature and if it is art or literature or just plain weird. I do think E-lit has a place in this world. I do think it will not be as big as regular books or even online books or poetry. E-lit is hard to understand because it requires a level of thinking that we are not used to. We may not be used to this because of technology, but wouldn’t you think that because of the increase in technology this E-lit would be popular?

Literature is “writings in which expression and form, in connectionwith ideas of permanent and universal interest, arecharacteristic or essential features, as poetry,novels, history, biography, and essays” (dictionary.com).

Art is “the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful,appealing, or of more than ordinary significance” (dictionary.com). E-lit combines art and literature to create an interactive 3D experience that we are not used to yet. E-lit involves writing and expression to convey an entirely new meaning to a piece that you would not normally think about. E-lit either is very confusing or very intriguing just like poetry (as we talked about today). Even though it could be confusing I think the fact that it is electronic makes it interesting for this generation.

E-lit has potential for the future because it combines the deep level of thinking of a book and the playfulness of the internet. It is not popular yet, but I think it could take off very soon.



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Electronic Literature

In today’s class, we looked at various e-literature examples and discussed how they relate to written literature. I found this to be very confusing because I didn’t look at the videos we watched as literature. I found it really difficult to compare them to books and poems that are written out. The e-literature that we focused on mainly reminded me of films, which sparked my interest in whether or not films were literature.

I think there is a lot of gray area when it comes to literature because not all books are considered literature, yet we are supposed to see a single sentence animation as a piece of literature. I don’t have a broad perspective on what is included as literature, but I see films and movies not falling into that category. That’s why it is difficult for me to find e-literautre comparable to novels and short stories we have analyzed in class.

Because I was so confused on what literature was, I looked up a definition where is explicitly says “written” work. This only made me think stronger that this new form of “literature” isn’t here to stay. I don’t think it can gain enough likability and interest among watchers because of how confusing it is. Some of the pieces were hard to understand and they had many different ways of interpreting what the author meant. I don’t see films, movies, and now electronic literature as piece of written work so it was difficult to compare these pieces to stories or novels we have read in class.

Literature dictionary definition




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