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Fantasy isn’t only a dream

“We are entering an era where fantasy isn’t only a dream”

This was something Craig said in class and it really stuck out to me.  This quote was said when we were talking about the technology in With the Eyes Shut. I think that statement is very true because if we look at how far we have come over these last 100 years we see all the great achievements mankind has made.  In this story we saw parallels between technology then and technology now.  For example, the phonograph was just the beginning of many great sound and music technologies.  It didn’t have the most amazing sound quality but we know nothing is perfect right away but because of that invention we have so many more great inventions today.  This relates to the quote because since we have such a strong technological background we are able to bypass just simply dreaming and fantasizing but make that because our reality and we do that through technology.  Whether it be through games, health science technology (like plastic surgery to change your appearance) or some other technology that makes fantasy become reality, that ability is more possible than it was 100 years ago.  I can’t decide if that is a good thing or not.  It’s great that we are advancing so much in technology but it also concerns me that society will become too dependent on technology.

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Fantasy and Desire

” Fantasy mirrors desire. Imagination reshapes it.” — Mason Cooley

I feel with this quote that Fantasy really does mirror desire. You could want to do something in life so bad, and you would ultimately end up fantasizing about it. In-turn Imagination would reshape that desire, and you would imagination yourself doing that fantasy thing, or being that fantasy person you think of all of the time. Imagination definitely reshapes your fantasies and makes them more vivid. Either through dreams, or just imagining whenever you can.
The word Fantasy comes from the Greek word “phantsia” which is to make more visible. Visibility and Fantasy can be taken used with imagining to create a more vivid understanding or desire of what your fantasy is.

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This Fantasy World We Live In…

I feel like now a days more people are living in their own fantasies. With all this technology we have it makes it easier for the average person to blend their realities with their fantasies. People who are not satisfied with their lives look toward this as an escape from reality. This could either be good thing or bad thing. It can be good thing because it serves as a way for us relieve stress and exercise our imagination, but it could also be bad thing because if we spend too much time in this world of fantasy we could lose a grip on reality. Either way we look at it I feel that the media plays a big role on this. We live in a world where the media too often bends reality and projects a world of fantasies. All this fake realities causes the viewer to be unsatisfied with their current situation. I feel this is why a lot of people are constantly looking for a way to make their reality more like the reality that the media portrays. We had a good discussion in class about this. We talked about how the media puts the viewer in control. The remote control gives the viewer the chance to manipulate their fantasy and choose what satisfies their needs. This could also be true for other mediums like the internet and more. With all these technologies we have now a days and the misconception of reality that the media portrays, I think it is easier for the average person to spend more time in their world of fantasies and sometimes loose a grip on their reality.

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Fantasy Love

On Tuesday’s class, one of the things we discussed was two quotes and their possible meaning and relation to the book In the Cage by Henry James. One of them was “Fantasy love is much better than reality love. The most exciting attractions are those between two opposites that never meet?”

This quote has a lot of significance not only in terms of its literal sense but because I think it relates well to the novella In the Cage. Every individual is different so they all will have their own unique opinion when it comes to this. I can see both sides, one might say that fantasy love is more unique, where one exists in virtual reality and has no limits. The difficulties of reality can be blemished and leaps can be taken in the fantasy world.

This relates very well to the main character in the book and her relations with Mr. Mudge (her fiancé) and Captain Philip Everard (coworker). We learn from the book that the women comes from a poor background and works at the mecca of telecommunication at this time, which is primarily a job for the upper class or wealthy. It seems that these two distinct differences contribute to her obsessive fantasy love for the job and Everard. For the women, it’s as if being around the wealthy and having knowledge of their gossip and communication makes her want to fit in even more. For example, not only is she secretly attracted to Everard but she has knowledge of his affair with Lady Bradeen. I think that when she is around these individuals and environment there is no limits for her, it’s like her own little fantasy world that she loves being apart of. The reality for her is Mr.Mudge and her relationship with him. I think where fantasy and reality collide is when her fantasy starts to hurt her own real relationship. For example, when she tells Mr. Mudge about seeing Everard and in the process she relates to him that he is inferior to him and that she enjoyed her time. I believe she is too obsessed with her fantasy love and in the end it might catastrophically hurt her relationship with her fiancé.

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Fantasy VS Reality

“Fantasy love is much better than reality love…the most exciting attractions are between two opposite that never meet.” -Andy Warhol

I do not agree with the quote above and I think Warhol is wrong. If he were to say that fantasy love is much easier and less messy than reality love I would have to agree with that. Reality love is not simple nor is it perfect. There will be challenges and you have to work at it everyday. I think people often mistake the above quote/idea to be true which is what gets them into trouble with their significant other.

Fantasy love cannot challenge you, make you a better person, be there for you through the thick and thin nor can it go on adventures with you. Fantasy is perfect, too perfect and perfection is boring. No one would really want to be in a relationship with someone who is flawless not only would it make it less exciting but you would feel insecure all the time since you are not perfect as well.

Fantasy love is not real love. The telegraph girl in “In the Cage” will hopefully figure with out before the fantasy ruins her relationships with her real friends and her fiance. Telegraph girl is fantasizing about the rich people who come into the post especially Captain Everard. She is currently engaged to Mr. Mudge and these fantasies will more than likely have a negative affect on her relationship with him and even possibly her co workers.


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Fantasy Love vs Reality Love

In class on tuesday we discussed two quotes having to do with fantasy. The quote I chose to write about is by Andy Warhol. He said, “Fantasy love is much better than reality love… The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.”

Warhold says that fantasy love is much better than reality love. I think he says this for a number of reasons. Real love is not only rare, but it can take work. You have to accept that person for who they are and what they love and hate. This also means accepting them for their faults. Nobody is perfect.

With fantasy love, you create the person you desire. You make them act the way you would want someone that you love to act. They are a perfect match for what you want. You don’t have to worry about personalities clashing and you do not have to try at it. It just comes easy. Warhol says the most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet. I think that he means they are most exciting because its someones fantasy. When two people meet they have to get to know each other and that can be exciting. At some point in time however, there is going to be down time or an awkward silence. You can also get to know everything about that person. If you never meet them and they are just a fantasy then there is always going to be some amount of mystery to that person. You can not be sure how they are going to deal with certain situations so you just have to guess and imagine.

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The Line Between Fantasy and Reality

Are fantasy and reality different? Can fantasy become reality?

The definition of fantasy often contains the words imagination or creation and in some instances hallucination.  It would seem that fantasy by definition is separate from reality, but I feel there are instances where the lines are blurred.  I’m not saying that your entire fantasy comes true exactly how you imagined it, but people can have experiences in life that seem dreamlike or surreal.  People can have epiphanies or euphoric experiences that would seem extremely fantastical.  There are numerous self help books that rely on convincing their customer that if you imagine your ideal life and follow their steps you can make your ideal life a reality.  Visualizing your goals or ideal life are fantasy, but it is possible to achieve this.  The telegraph girl had an extremely developed fantasy, but it is entirely possible for her to make Everard fall in love with her and somewhat achieve this fantasy.

“Fantasy love is much better than reality love”  Andy Warhol

The beginning part of this quote really stood out to me and made me wonder if two people can be in a relationship together that is more based in fantasy than reality.  At the beginning of most relationships there is a “puppy love” stage where everything is perfect and even the other person’s faults are seen as cute quirks.  You are also projecting an image/self that you think the other person wants.  As the relationship continues on you slowly reveal more of your true self.  So for a little while in a relationship, you are not completely in reality as far as the world you have created with this significant other.

The movie Drive had a relationship that was based much more in fantasy than reality until later in the film.  The Driver and Irene had this relationship where they knew very little about one another (partially because Ryan Gosling played the cool quiet guy) and did not know each others faults immediately (he is a driver for robbers and her son’s dad is getting out of prison).  There are even scenes that are shot as if they are a dream, like when he is carrying her sleeping son back into her apartment.  As the movie continues, events happen that begin to pull them back into reality.  The most important scene in the movie is that last time the two characters see each other.  They are in an elevator with a man sent to kill them and the lights dim when he kisses her creating a fantasy like moment.  This is then interrupted by the Driver stomping the guys head in to protect her, but in doing so she sees this side of him destroying the fantasy and bringing them completely back into reality.


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