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Class Review

I just want to touch on a couple things that I really liked about this class. When I first signed up for this class I really thought that it was going to be like the other literature classes in which we would have to read a lot of books and write countless papers. I am glad that this wasn’t the case in Craig’s class, I really enjoyed most of the books we covered in this class and the reading assignments were fair for the load of the course.

On the last day of class we spent half of the class talking about what worked well in the class and what didn’t. One thing I liked that I feel we didn’t cover that day is the website. I think the website Craig created is just fantastic, I really like the fact that everything that had to do with the class was there for us to access at any time and practically from any device that has an internet connection.  Having the readings, the schedule, assignments etc. does make it easier and more convenient for us and its better for the environment and our wallets because we don’t have to be printing as much paper. I also think that this websites along with the Pinterest and the Wiki notes really ties in with the main topic of this class which is literature across various mediums of media.

I would also like to talk a little about the way the content was chronologically set up. I liked how we started with the invention of writing and then moved on to different time periods that showed the progression of writing and media.  This allowed me to relate and understand the readings better. I was able to relate main themes and ideas from the readings to the writers respective time period. It was very interesting to see what events were going on that might had an effect or caused the writer to write about it.  One example of this would be Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. This book was written in the romantic period in which a lot of people valued nature over science and reason. They had an interest in the sublime and the unknown. Frankenstein is a perfect example of this because it contains themes that relate to the romantic period. This allows us to see why Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein and how she was influenced by romantics.

Out of all the readings we read I must say that my favorite is definitively Frankenstein. This was the book that we spend the most time on and I definitively can see why. It is truly as great piece of literature. I had never read the book before this class and was always under the impression that Frankenstein was just a about the scientist and the monster. It is much more than that; I liked how the story develops and how Mary Shelly uses frame narrative to show different point of views of the characters. I also like how the story had different layers to it. In other words, how the story dealt with Victor’s obsession, the monsters story, science vs. nature and Walton’s story.  I think it also helped how at the time we were reading this novel we covered the romantic period and the story of how Mary Shelly got challenged to write this book at Lord Byron’s house in Geneva.  Some could say that Geneva’s mountainous landscape and beauty inspired Mary Shelly to make this the setting for her novel. Overall I enjoyed this book and I am glad that I was able to read it and relate it to the era it was written in.

My favorite section of class by far has to be the one where we talked about glass and technology. I enjoyed the videos of the Google glass and project glass. I feel that technology is now moving towards creating a more interactive world. We can begin to see this with the invention of Microsoft Surface, the Ipad and others. Everything is becoming about touch and the experience that these devices bring to us. I also found the videos that predicted how the future is going to be very interesting. I always had a interest in this area and I think it’s exciting how some of the prediction that these companies make could become a reality in the near future. I watched a video a couple of years ago of an AT&T commercial from the 90’s that predicted a lot of the technology we have today. I think it’s crazy how almost every prediction in this commercial came true and how this was only 20 years ago. This also got me thinking how fast technology is advancing and how sometimes we take the technology we have for granted. I can only imagine where will be in 20 years from now.

This is a link to the AT&T commercial >> AT&T You Will (1993)

Lastly, I would like to say that overall I really enjoyed this course. I am glad that I got Craig as a teacher. He taught us material that was interesting and relevant to the readings. I also liked how he connected the class topics to a lot of aspects of life that we deal with on a daily basis.  The structure of this class and the way that it required us to interact with the material through different mediums really made the class interesting. All in all I think this was a great class.




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Criminal Brain vs Normal Brain

Today when we went to the Frankenstein exhibit, I was instantly drawn to the picture comparing a criminal brain to a normal brain. The description next to the picture described how in the 1931 film of Frankenstein, the monster is violent because he has received the brain of a criminal instead of the brain of a distinguished scientist. When comparing the normal and criminal brains, you can clearly see a difference between them. The criminal brains are more of a white color and did not have much dark color to it while the normal brains had a darker color and had more of a full look to it. It is interesting to compare the brains and notice the differences.

It makes sense the monster was given a criminal brain because of the destruction he causes. It murders multiple people who are close to Victor and claims it will not stop until Victor makes a companion for the monster. If the monster was given a criminal brain, Victor should not make the monster a companion because it will cause destruction anyway. Even though the monster says it will not terrorize any humans if Victor makes a companion, Victor cannot trust the monster’s word because the way its brain is wired will cause the monster to go back on its word. Also, if Victor does make a companion and accidentally gives the companion a criminal brain too, he could be asking for a lot of trouble. I always thought Victor should make a companion for the monster, but after seeing what having a criminal brain can do, I agree with Victor’s decision to not make a companion.

Here is a link to the picture I am talking about: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/frankenstein/images/brains.jpg

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The truth behind Victor

In class on Thursday we discussed two topics which I found to be very intriguing and things that could be interpretted in a variety of ways.  We questioned first if Mary Shelly intentionally made Victor and the Creature have similarities, as well as was Victor wrong to create this monster.

In terms of Shelly’s intention behind Victor’s character I found that she tried to make him and his creation counter parts.  Victor’s original motivation for creating this wretched beast was not only in terms of a scientific breakthrough but as well as to fulfill his overwhelming desire to have a companion.  As the story unfolds you see that Victor and his creation share many of the same attributes.  Both are extremely selfish; in terms of Victor he is selfish in the sense that he secludes himself from his family for years on end so consumed by his work that he worries his family sick about his well being.  He also shows this trait again later on in the story both during the time of Justine’s execution where he claims her misery doesn’t compare to his. The final blatant showing of this is when he abandons his wife on their wedding night for fear that the monster is there to kill him when in actuality it is his wife that he is after. The monster although not to the same extent as Victor shows this trait through his threats to ruin Victor’s life if he fails to comply with his request to make him a mate.  Other traits that they share consist of their love for knowledge, and fascination by nature.  I think Shelly intentionally models this creation after Victor to show that although Victor shuns his specimen all the creation wants is to be like his creator and therefore through observation inadvertently picks up similar traits.

Was Victor wrong to make this monster?  I personally don’t feel he was wrong.  This whole thing started out with a pursuit for knowledge and when Victor realized what he was capable of had to prove to himself that this possible scientific breakthrough was real.  The way that Victor handled the situation however I did find to be wrong.  If Victor had informed the scientific community of his findings and taught his creation to be civil rather than release him on a would be killing spree this could have played out much differently.  Maybe they could have harvested some of this knowledge that Victor had discovered and used it for medical purposes or to bring loved ones back from the dead.  Rather than do this and own up to what he created he ran from his problem which then became a problem for many others.



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Is Victor Wrong?

In class today we talked about if Victor was wrong for making the monster. In my opinion, Victor is not wrong for making it. It may have been selfish of him to make it, but to have a scientific breakthrough is something not many people would pass up. He singlehandedly brought something to life which is unbelievable. If more people found out what he did, he would be famous and would be thought of as one of the great thinkers in of that time.

Victor is at fault for turning his breakthrough into something bad. If he tamed the monster and actually took care of him, there would have been no issues. Even by completely abandoning the monster, Victor still had another opportunity to make things right just by making a companion for the monster. The monster makes a good point by saying “I am alone, and miserable; man will not associate with me; but one as deformed and horrible as myself would no deny herself to me. My companion must be the of the same species, and have the same defects.” If Victor had complied with the monster’s request, he would have most likely not run into the problems that he did later in the story.

Overall, I do not blame Victor for making the monster. Nobody would pass an opportunity to make a scientific breakthrough but Victor put himself in a bad position for abandoning the monster and again for not complying with the monster’s request.

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Should Victor Make Another?

Victor is now faced with a big decision. Should he make another monster to meet the needs of the monster he already made? There are pros and cons to either choice he picks. If he decides to create another, a pro would be the monster said “If you consent, neither you nor any other human being shall ever see us again: I will go to the vast wilds of South America..”. This would be ideal for Victor because he would never have to deal with this monster ever again. A couple possible con’s of creating another monster is that he would be potentially doubling his problem and it is not a guarantee the two monsters will love each other or even stay away from all humans. Victor knows it is a possibility the two monsters could hate each other and makes a good point by saying “She might also turn with disgust from him to the superior beauty of man; she might quit him, and he be again alone…”.

If Victor decides to not create another, he could be faced with a major problem. The monster has already proven it has anger that it cannot control, as we saw with him murdering Victor’s brother, William. The monster threatened that if Victor does not make a companion for him, he could continue murdering innocent people. In my opinion, Victor should take the risk and make a companion for the monster. One, I feel as if Victor owes it to the monster since he made him in the first place and two, innocent people shouldn’t have to suffer because of Victor. He has to take the monsters’ word that he will never come in contact with any humans again, and make a female companion.

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