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The Good and Bad of E-Literature

Throughout this week in class we have had multiple discussions about E-Literature and they way our society is using it.  There are many good things that can possibly come from E-Literature, but also a lot of negative things that come from it as well.  First off, we have seen through our examples that E-Literature requires people to be able to read in a different way.  They have to digest words, pictures sounds and movements.  E-Literature is also very interactive and engaging for people who use it.  It stimulates many parts of the brain.  Realistically, will our generation use the electronic literature as much as we use print literature?

We touched on this briefly in class and came up with the conclusion that maybe electronic literature is better suited for young kids.  There are many sounds and pictures which would be able to keep kids actively involved in what they are learning.  I know when I was younger that print literature would tend to bore me sometimes.  This is also where we find one of the main negatives for electronic literature.  Print literature gives us room for our visual imagination.  While reading, we get to make our own visual pictures of what might be going on in the story.  Electronic literature pretty much does that for us by showing pictures and movements.  Although we don’t have control over electronic literature or print literature, print books make us think we have more control.  We control the pace of the reading as well as how we think they story goes.  The imagination factor is a clear point that separates these two concepts.  I want to try and answer my question that I posed earlier in this blog.  I think that our generation is too used to print books and enjoys that we can use our imagination when reading.  Maybe kids of later generations will start using E-Literature early on in their education, but I don’t think print literature will ever go away.

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Imagination Reshapes Desire

“Fantasy mirrors desire. Imagination reshapes it.” –Mason Cooley

We discussed this quote during class earlier in the week. Everyone in class admitted to having subconscious desires and occasionally escaping into their personal fantasy worlds. Something that intrigues me though, are the factors that influence the fantasies/desires that we worship so much. Surely, humans’ imaginations are constantly allowed to expand as technology and society advance. For example, someone living in the 17th century could’ve only imagined the concept of an automobile; but for those of us living in current times, we encounter countless cars every day. Therefore, our imaginations are allowed to expand way beyond simple street cars, and instead we dream about more extraordinary things such as flying cars. This persistent advance in technology that we experience allows our imaginations to grow, and in turn our desires/dreams are “reshaped” and enhanced.

Another large influence on society’s desires is media. Let’s take a look at TV media for example. Every second that we watch television, we are influenced by someone else’s imagination. Be it a reality TV show, news broadcast, or soap opera; the creator of the bit and the characters on the screen impose their creativity and imagination onto the viewer. This subliminal transmission of creativity has an impressive effect on viewers because it inadvertently forces their imaginations to grow. So every time that we sit down to watch TV, our minds (as well as all of the desires they hold) are ‘exercised’ and reshaped. So simply by living in a constantly-advancing, media-influenced society; our desires and fantasies are continuously reshaped.

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Response to Andy Warhol’s Quote

During class we were asked to respond to two quotes on the board regarding fantasy, desire, imagination and reality.  I chose to respond to Andy Warhol’s quote that was “Fantasy love is much better than reality love.  Never doing it is very exciting.  The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet”.  I decided to respond to this because I could relate to it very well.  I think we can all relate to having some sort of crush on someone either in early grade school or some other time.  We found ourselves attracted to that person because we had limited interaction with them or never met them.  It gets out adrenaline moving and that is what makes it exciting.  Reality love is an awesome thing, but fantasy love occurs up in our minds.  This means we can make it what ever we want.  Our imagination is a crazy thing that paints this perfect picture of a person or thing.  It creates that desire that we get for somebody that we like.

I’m relating this quote to when I had a middle school crush because it really puts in into context for me.  I was shy kid and never meeting the girl was almost comforting because I thought I would embarrass myself in some way.  When Andy Warhol talks about reality love I feel he is talking about how reality is not always what our mind or imagination makes it up to be.  Reality can be a harsh thing.  This also goes a long with our conversation in talking about how living in our imagination and fantasies might be harmful for us.  I didn’t get a change to say this in class but I feel that living through fantasies too much can actually be harmful.  It is enjoyable to live through our imagination and fantasies but sometimes reality can totally be different to what we are imagining.  On the other hand, I don’t discourage in the least bit using your imagination and fantasies in any way.  The most brilliant people in life probably imagine how they are going to change the world and somehow they actually do it.  It is an interesting concept to think about and I’d like to hear some feedback.

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