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Are different from the Capital?


The Hunger Games is a very popular book and movie. Many found the movie to be very entertaining. The biggest part of the movie is the Hunger Games itself. The battle to the death between twenty-four kids between the age of 12-18. When I was watching the movie I was so into the games. I was wondering who was going to win or who was going to be killed next. At the end of the movie I complemented on how entertained I was by the movie. The people who live in the Capital are very entertained by the Hunger Games. They enjoy watching these kids fight to the death and they even place bets on who is going to win. It is like a television show to them.

The thought that occurred to me was, are we much different than the people in the capital? We are entertained by the Hunger Games as well. We enjoy watching the struggle between the characters just as they do. So what makes us different from the citizens of the Capital?

I think that the difference between the citizens of the Capital and us is the fact that we are watching Katniss, not so much the Hunger Games. The capital doesn’t know Katniss or where she comes from. In the beginning of the book and movie they give us some background into where she comes from and what her motivation is. The difference between the Capital and us is that we are watching the struggle of her character in the Hunger Games, not the fight to the death of the Hunger Games.

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Hunger for Fire

While reading, A Grosser Power: A Contrarian Look at the Hunger Games by Ned Vizzini, I came across a few of his observations that I did not like. Being an avid fan of the Hunger Games book series I have to say I am biased towards my love for Katniss and will defend her in this post.

The first challenge Vizzini brings up is that Katniss does not look outraged when Gale interrupts her from catching a deer. This could be because she is glad that someone other than Gale did not scare her or that if she yells/screams she will for sure chase the deer off for good. Also another reason could be that it is reaping day so Katniss has other things on her mind and she is grateful Gale is even there.

The next opinion from Vizzini is that Katniss does not run to the food on the train. Katniss has just volunteered to basically die. I do not think food would be close to my mind either, in fact it would make me sick. Yes, Katniss has scraped by with barely enough food, but after what she has been through that day being excited over food is not something I would expect, especially out of strong headed Katniss. Later on she will come to adore the food, but the second she walks onto the train she has been almost condemned to death, so food is not a big priority.

The last portion I would like to comment on is when Vizzini says, “Watching in the books is mandatory (which never made sense to me, because it seems like a big waste of resources to stage the Hunger Games when you have to force people to see them)” THIS is not a waste of time. Did he even read the books? This is what I kept asking myself when reading his evaluation. Watching is mandatory because the Capitol is making a statement and showing complete control. District 13 rebelled, so the Capitol extinguished them. In order to not have a rebellion the Capitol has reapings (sacrifices) from each district in return the Capitol won’t kill the entire district and they make them watch to show the people the Capitol is in charge.

Most of what Vizzini says is challenging the idea of the Hunger Games, but he better be ready for some major backlash from Hunger Games fans such as myself.

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Would You Volunteer?

At the beginning of the “Hunger Games”, the reaping takes place and against almost all odds, Katniss’s sister, Prim, is selected to represent District 12 as the female tribute. Obviously Prim has no chance of surviving the Hunger Games because she is only 12 years old and has an extremely small build. Katniss has the guts to prevent Prim from being the female tribute for District 12 and volunteers herself. Would you do the same for a loved one?

Although I have not read the entire story yet, I have seen the movie and I tried to put myself in Katniss’s shoes when Prim was selected to represent District 12. I thought to myself if I would do the same for a loved one if they were selected for something like that and they had almost no chance to survive. As I would expect others to do the same, I would volunteer myself if I was also put in Katniss’s situation. Katniss has proven she loves her sister very much and would literally do anything for her. This is why Katniss takes a particular liking to the female tribute from District 11 named Rue. Rue reminds Katniss of her sister which is evidently a soft spot for Katniss. Katniss feels Rue is at a complete disadvantage because she is only 12 years old, like Prim, and when Katniss is comparing Prim and Rue, she says “Neither of them could tip the scale at 70 pounds soaking wet.” This is why Katniss attempts to protect Rue and it is also the reason why she gets so emotional when Rue dies.

I think many people would step in for a loved one like Katniss did for Prim. Even though you are basically signing your own death wish, it is the right thing to do, especially when it comes to family.

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Artful Appreciation

Today we had to think of themes or topics that appeared in The Hunger Games. My group came up with Appreciation and I want to look deeper into this theme, because I think it is composed of several elements.

1)Government- The Capital controls everything and they dictate the present based on the past. They want their citizens to fear them so much they appreciate them. By that I mean that they are so scared to do anything wrong that they fall into a false sense of security and gratitude for what they have. “District twelve. Where you can starve to death in safety.(p.6)” Even though everyone is gated in, they know they are safe and the government wants them to appreciate this (not that anyone does).

2)Bread (Panem)- Technically Panem means bread and circuses, but I want to focus on the bread. It seems every way you turn in this book you find references to bread meaning life and life in Panem is appreciated. Katniss being saved by Peeta with bread (Picture^). Katniss being thanked with bread from Rue’s district. Peeta disguising himself artfully when dying, but could only do this because he was raised with bread (cake). If anyone wants to live in Panem they have to find bread and everyone appreciates/recognizes this no matter what.

3)Relationships- In this world it is hard to come by real relationships. Katniss and Gale was a long process of becoming friends. When Rue snuggled up to Katniss in the sleeping bag was when Katniss knew she had a relationship with Rue. “Rue has decided to trust me wholeheartedly. Nor do I have any misgivings about her, as I take no particular precautions.(p.208)” Finally, the relationship between Katniss and Cinna. “I’m not allowed to bet, but if I could, my money would be on you. (p.146)” Any real relationships are greatly appreciated and coveted in Panem.

These are only a few examples of Appreciation, but I do think Appreciation is a large theme within The Hunger Games. Can you think of any more examples of Appreciation?

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