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E-Lit VS Print

A question during class was raised whether e-literature will every become mainstream and will print cease to exist?

As discussed in class I think e-literature will have its uses. For example, it can be used to  teach any language not just a second one for a person of any age. It can also be used for history. It may also be used to teach elementary children in the classroom. E-literature might become really popular for these uses but I do not think it will become so mainstream that print will cease to exist. Not only is e-literature something that does not give the viewer total creative control but it does not let one control their pace with it. I was a little frustrated with the videos and wanted them to have a quicker pace.

People like to loose themselves in books and see the characters and places how they want to imagine them. Only a successful book would make someone want to dedicated an entire interactive website to the book so the viewer can read the text, look at the characters and places they live. However, this idea is already moot considering that now a days any popular book gets made into a video game and or movie. This would limit the number of people interested in a website or video that you have to read and watch. If you wanted to read you can read the book and if you wanted to experience the book you can play the video game or sit back and enjoy the movie. There are even theme parks dedicated to some franchises  such as Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando (two photos shown below). Fans of the franchise can interact with the world of Harry Potter as conveyed in the books and movies.

There are many reasons why e-literature will never become more popular than print. The simplest is that reading from a book is convenient and relaxing and e-literature is not.

*Photo on the left shows a few of the cast members from Harry Potter standing in Hogsmeade village created by Universal. The photo on the right shows Honeydukes.

More photos can be found at http://www.themeparkinsider.com/wizarding-world-of-harry-potter/




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Will E-Lit Ever Be The Norm?

When we discussed this question in class, it really made me think. Could electronic literature ever be the norm? The more I thought about it, my stance was similar to what everyone else’s was. I do not think electronic lit will ever be the norm. When we looked at the electronic lit for class, I found it to be a task rather than enjoyment. Although I usually find homework to be a task, when I have to read a book I can usually get into the story and not see it as a task. When I had to click on random things for the electronic lit, I was annoyed because I could not go through the story at my own pace and I was very uninterested in the story line.

Also in class, the question was asked if print will ever disappear. I do not think print will disappear in the near future but I think far into the future there is a possibility print could not exist. With the rapid growth of technology, who knows what we are going to be able to in the future. It will be pretty difficult to get rid of print because of how long it has been around. Print has been around for centuries and it will take a huge advancement in technology to make it not the norm anymore. Electronic lit will have to find a way to keep the reader interested and not make it such a task to do.

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Electronic Literature- Can this go mainstream?

We had a very interesting class discussion about the topic of electronic literature and how prevalent it is in society.  Electronic literature is unique in that it requires people to read very differently than they have before.  We used the term “trans-literature” meaning that readers have to read and interpret words, sounds, motions, and pictures all at the same time.  This can be a lot to digest.  As we saw with our scheduled videos, this is extremely abstract literature and is sometimes very difficult to fully follow and understand.  We made a very good point in class in that electronic literature may be a symbol for our own specific historical moment regarding new media and literature.

People today are subjected to so much more stimuli in regards to media.  From television, phones, laptops, iPhones, iPads, computers etc.  These electronic literature artists know that literature and media are rapidly changing before our eyes and are trying to accommodate to those changes.  To some people, they may think these artists are way ahead of their time in trying to push forward electronic literature past print literature.  In essence, I think it is fair to compare “E-Artists” to the works of Benjamin Franklin that we read in class.  Many people thought Ben Franklin was way ahead of his time with all his inventions that eventually turned out to be useful in some way for us in the present.  As a society, we are constantly pushing forward with research and finding new and more efficient ways to accomplish our goals.  Electronic literature might be the turning point of a new movement of literary technology.  Although it might be in the early stages only time will tell.

After viewing the videos today, I personally think it is really in the early stages.  I don’t see anytime soon that E-Literature can fully go mainstream and replace the old forms of print literature.  Most people right now don’t have the time and patience to be able to read literature so differently than what they already do.  What I find interesting is that many people probably said the same things about the inventions of Ben Franklin back in the day and look how much we use some of them now.

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