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Frankenstein Exhibit

In passing during the Frankenstein exhibit Professor Carey made a comment about how both Victor and Hank use electricity as their main source of power, but in completely opposite ways. While Victor uses it to bring life to something, Hank uses it as a weapon of destruction. This got me thinking and comparing the two characters and their actions.

Victor and Hank are quite similar in many ways to me. Like the way they are both driven to make an impact on the world. Victor is desperate to be the holder of the secret of life, and Hank wants to bring the middle ages to his version of modern civilization. In trying to complete their goals they use technology.

In another part of the exhibit there was a section on the responsibility the scientific community has regarding ethics and what technology is used for. Both characters involve themselves in possibly unethical situations. Victor for one, as we have discussed, uses others’ bodies for his monster, and then with each decision he makes, he endangers the lives his family and friends by not telling anyone about his creation. Hank brings technology to a world that is not yet able to comprehend such advancements. He takes advantage of their naivety to put himself in a position of power. The only difference between them is how they use the technology they have. While Victor was able to create something from his experience with electricity, Hank uses it to bring death. Do you think is was right for Hank to bring that kind of technology to the middle ages? Did the benefits outweigh the consequences?

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On Thursday there were two discussions that I thought about even after the class ended. The fist one was about if the monster was human or not. The second was about if Victor was right or wrong in creating the monster.

I found the discussion we had in class about whether Frankenstein’s monster was human or not very interesting. The monster was created out of human parts and he did not come into this world normally. He was created not born. Although he did not have to grow up physically he did have to learn stuff the way all humans have to starting with sensations then to speech and communication. His brain was a blank slate.

I think he is human despite the way he was brought into the world. He has the same human emotions (anger, spitefulness, loneliness  pity, joy, guilt, and sadness)  learning capabilities (was a blank slate and needed to learn sensations, words and their meanings, how to communicate etc.) and needs (companionship, to be accepted by his creator, food, water etc.)  If we were to successfully clone a human being would that make them any less human than a non clone? I think not. Therefore, the matter in which he came into this world does not make him any less human than you and I.

As for whether it was right or wrong for Victor to create the monster I think it depends on what you focus on. Is it wrong because he is playing God? Is it wrong because he mutilated bodies of other human beings? Is it okay since it was in the name of science? I honestly do not have an answer. Each of these questions make me answer differently. What I can say for certain is I think it was very wrong of Victor to abandon his creation.

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Man and Monster

Victor probably wouldn’t like to admit it but by the end of the novel he shows traits that are similar to the monster. The monster practically brings Victor down to his level after failing at trying to get Victor to understand him. As a result, Victor loses everyone who is close to him and that brings him to the same state of loneliness that the monster has been experiencing ever since he was created. With the murder of Elizabeth, Victor is in a sense dehumanized and develops a need for revenge that was similar to what the monster had previously experienced.

For example, earlier in the novel the monster expresses his emotions after being pushed away from the cottagers and says, “I, like the arch fiend, bore a hell within me” (161). Later on, Victor is talking to Walton and says, “I am chained in an eternal hell” (233). Not only do these quotes sound similar, but they are both allusions from Paradise Lost, which is one of the novels the monster had read. The similarity between Victor and the monster is much greater by the end of the novel.

I think that it’s interesting how in the beginning Victor is so excited about his creation but now he completely rejects the monster. In turn, the creature kills everyone that matters Victor which causes him to become obsessed with revenge and in a way he becomes a monster himself.

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To destroy or not to destroy?

Victor agrees to create a mate for the monster. He works hard on her but eventually ends up destroying it. He was worried that she would not want to live in solitude and they would reproduce. These fears are rational however, I believe he destroyed her out of selfish reasons not noble ones. I think he was worried about feeling more guilty and sorry for himself than he already does which is why he destroyed her.

Were his actions justified? Understandable yes, justifiable maybe not. He not only made the monster angry but he endangered everyone close to him by choosing to destroy the monster’s would be mate. It is obvious that Victor can not control the monster and  when the monster is denied something good it resorts to violence. As the creator I think he has an obligation to make the monster happy to an extent. He did not befriend his creation in the beginning, instead  he abandoned it. The least he could do is give it a little happiness since he was the once who created it.

I can not help but feel sorry for the monster and think negatively about Victor. The monster never asked to be created but it was. Victor played god by creating it but chose not to take responsibility. Instead, he ran away and as a result his loved ones keep getting hurt at the hand of the monster he created. I feel that the very least he could do was create a mate for it since he is in this deep.


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