I’m an Associate Professor of English and the Director of Undergraduate Studies at the University of Southern Mississippi, where I also serve as faculty advisor of the Game Studies Group. My teaching and scholarship focus on 19th-century American literature, media and literary theory, and game studies.

My scholarship has appeared in journals such as American LiteratureAmerican Literary History, American Periodicals, American Literary Realism, and Pedagogy, among others. My recent game studies scholarship includes a forthcoming chapter on fan theories and videogame interpretation, a developing chapter on close reading and critical play, and presentations on game studies and literary gaming at MLA and other conferences. My current book project, Realism Redux: Authors, Archives, and Literary Invention, explores the material histories of writing, authorship, and technology in the age of Edison.

This website includes links to my articles, course websites, and digital projects. Feel free to contact me at craig.carey@usm.edu or to follow me on Twitter at @ccareylit. For other cool and random stuff, check out my Tumblr site Reality Effects.