Digital Archives Research Group

digitalarchives group

Primary Co-Coordinators:

Dr. Craig Carey (Assistant Professor of English)
Dr. Joyce Inman (Assistant Professor of English)

We propose a faculty research group focused on the problems and possibilities raised by digital archives for humanities scholars and teachers. Regardless of discipline, the growing presence of digital archives has challenged all of us to ask innovative questions about our research and teaching. In the process, they have opened a number of radical challenges and opportunities in the classroom, encouraging faculty and students to incorporate archival materials into their scholarly work.

We think a group committed to exploring how digital archives might be used to unsettle conventional practices, pedagogies, and methodologies would be of interest to faculty and students, as well as the broader public and academic community. Inspired by the recent turn toward digital humanities, our group will be guided by two questions. First, how have digital archives changed our understanding of the archive and archival materials (and, consequently, our understanding of our research)? And second, how might digital archives be productively harnessed by humanities scholars to experiment with new ideas, methodologies, projects, and pedagogies?

Since most of us already work with archives, we plan to use the group to collaborate toward the planning of a small symposium or group of workshops focused on scholarly and pedagogical applications of archives. At the moment, we are thinking that the funds could be used to plan, organize, and host a series of workshops focused on different aspects of archives, archival research, and the pedagogical incorporation of archives by students and faculty. Given the range of interests and expertise we each offer, we think we can find a way to create faculty development opportunities that will allow students and faculty to learn more about how digital archives might be harnessed to produce new ideas, projects, assignments, and research in the humanities. In addition, we have already contacted the Learning Enhancement Center about our proposal, and they have agreed to assist us in sponsoring these faculty-driven workshops if our proposal is funded.


Team Members

  • Craig Carey, Assistant Professor of English
  • Joyce Inman, Assistant Professor of English
  • Kevin Greene,¬†Assistant Professor of History and Co-director of the Center for Oral History and Cultural Heritage
  • Andrew P. Haley, Associate Professor of American Cultural History and Director of the University Forum
  • Jeanne L. Gillespie, Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Jennifer Brannock, Associate Professor and Curator of Rare Books and Mississippiana
  • Elizabeth Le Beaud, Digital Lab Manager, McCain Library and Archives
  • Diane DeCesare Ross, Assistant to the Dean for External Publications and Digital Humanities

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