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University of Southern Mississippi

Authorship & Writing Practice
Graduate Seminar in 19th Century American Literature (ENG 770)
Spring 2015:  Website

American Literature I: A Print and Digital Survey
Upper-level undergraduate survey course (ENG 370)
Spring 2015:  Website

World Literature: A Hybrid Online Course
Hybrid online course for undergraduates (ENG 203)
Spring 2015:  USM Blackboard

Realism & Recording 
Upper-level undergraduate course in American Realism (ENG 471)
Fall 2014:  Syllabus and Website

Literature, Technology, & Media in 19th Century America
Graduate Seminar in American Literature (ENG 770)
Spring 2014:  Syllabus

Literature, Media, & Modernity
Upper-level undergraduate seminar; writing intensive (ENG 400)
Fall 2013: Syllabus and Website

American Literature I
Upper-level undergraduate survey course (ENG 370)
Spring 2014: Syllabus and Website
Fall 2013: Syllabus

World Literature
Required literature course for undergraduates (ENG 203)
Fall 2014: Syllabus and Website
Fall 2013: Syllabus

University of Iowa

Literature & Technology
Undergraduate honors course 
Spring 2013: Syllabus and Website

Reading and Writing Across Media
Required undergraduate course in literature
Spring 2013: Syllabus and Website
Fall 2013: Syllabus and Website

American Lives: Technologies of the Self
Undergraduate elective course
Spring 2010


Mount Mercy University

American Multicultural Literature
Winter 2011



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